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Technique and tools

Motoblock Salute to help the gardener

The use of machinery when cultivating land in small holdings has become a necessity. Motoblock Salute is used by villagers all year round. With the help of a small nimble mechanism, you can perform all time-consuming earthworks, mow and even remove snow in winter. There are several models of this unit. The choice of an...Read More

Overview of petrol brush trimmers

Gas-powered hedge trimmers help you quickly tidy up your hedges and shape your shrubs. Thanks to the fact that the trimmer motor runs on gasoline and not on electricity, it allows you to mow excess branches anywhere. The lower end of the hedge trimmer is equipped with a sharp cutting disc, and the upper end...Read More

Water heater Electrolux improves living conditions in the country

A comfortable life largely depends on the availability of hot and cold water in the house. Electrolux water heater with electric and gas heating is presented by the Swedish company Electrolux. The company produces flow-through and storage devices of various capacities, horizontal and vertical design. The main differences between Electrolux boilers The purpose of the...Read More

Can I repair petrol cutters myself?

At first glance, a simple device for mowing grass with a two-stroke engine is fine-tuned. Repair of petrol cutters must be entrusted to a specialist or to study the technique yourself, using the operating instructions. The streamer maintenance is essential. Gearbox lubrication, line replacement, teeth sharpening can be done on our own. Gas mowers malfunctions...Read More

Hydraulic wood splitters for every budget

A hydraulic wood splitter or wood splitter is a means of automating the preparation of firewood. Most often, a hydraulic wood splitter is called a “mechanical splitter”. Moreover, many models have been created by the hands of home craftsmen and qualified engineers.. Application and working principle Mechanical and hydraulic wood splitters are used in private...Read More

Machine for sharpening blunt chainsaws

For comfortable work and even cuts, you need not only a high-quality and powerful tool, but also a sharp chain. You can sharpen it manually with files or a chain sharpener for chainsaws. The first method is perfect if you just need to sharpen the dull blades of the teeth, without changing anything in them....Read More