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Technique and tools

Overview of petrol brush trimmers

Gas-powered hedge trimmers help you quickly tidy up your hedges and shape your shrubs. Thanks to the fact that the trimmer motor runs on gasoline and not on electricity, it allows you to mow excess branches anywhere. The lower end of the hedge trimmer is equipped with a sharp cutting disc, and the upper end...Read More

Hydraulic wood splitters for every budget

A hydraulic wood splitter or wood splitter is a means of automating the preparation of firewood. Most often, a hydraulic wood splitter is called a “mechanical splitter”. Moreover, many models have been created by the hands of home craftsmen and qualified engineers.. Application and working principle Mechanical and hydraulic wood splitters are used in private...Read More

How to choose the right drill for a hammer drill

An impact drill for working on concrete, brick, stone is called a perforator if its chuck is designed in a special way. The rotary hammer drill has a shank with grooved grooves to exactly match the receptacle of the chuck. For an impact drill, the system of fixing the drill in the chuck is different,...Read More

Punch Makita – professional tool

Among construction tools, the hammer drill is powerful and reliable, like all other products of this brand. It has a lot in common with an impact drill, but some operations can only be performed by a Makita perforator due to its special device. In detail, the hammer drill can be compared to an automatic weapon...Read More

Motoblock Neva with mounted implements to help the gardener

Heavy rural work can greatly facilitate the Neva walk-behind tractor. The wheel mechanism for tillage is equipped with a cultivator only. But the device with a powerful engine is adapted to work with attachments for tillage, grass mowing and even a transport trolley.. Advantages of the walk-behind tractor The spring working day in the peasant...Read More

Review of chainsaws of the best models of the Makita brand

Makita was founded in 1915 and is a leader in construction tools for working with concrete, wood and other materials. All products have a high level of quality and meet all European standards, including Makita chainsaws. Chain saws are manufactured with different configurations and purposes (gardening, felling). They have many systems and functions that allow...Read More