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Summer cottage and garden

Physalis (70 photos): types and care

Thinking about planting this wonderful representative of the flora on your site or in the apartment, you must initially decide on the purpose of such a decision: juicy fruits for making excellent jams, compotes and other culinary dishes, or a worthy garden decoration. This plant is native to Central and South America, was introduced to...Read More

Asters (90 photos of flowers): description, types and care

Asters are one of the most famous and sought-after flowers in the garden. They have many varieties with different shapes, sizes, color palette, so they attract the attention of landscape designers and ordinary gardeners. Their decorative qualities, as well as unpretentiousness to growing conditions, allow you to create any compositions on flower beds, decorate hedges,...Read More

Chrysanthemums (60 photos)

In the collection of autumn flowers, chrysanthemums rightfully occupy the most prominent place. Their bright inflorescences adorn gardens and flower beds until the first frost, attracting everyone’s attention with the perfection of forms and a variety of shades. Some species resemble chamomile, others are striking in similarity with dahlias, asters, anemones. Due to their resistance...Read More

Garden gazebos (100 photos)

To hide from the scorching sun under a beautiful canopy in the company of loved ones and observe the tranquility of nature from there is not an ideal pastime, whether it be summer, spring or autumn? And thanks to the huge number of ideas for garden pavilions, these structures can become a real decoration on...Read More

Wisteria (75 photos): types and care

The abundantly flowering liana wisteria (another name is wisteria) is used in landscape design mainly to create vertical decor. A lush waterfall of lilac, pinkish or white brushes can decorate any corner. Wisteria is ideal for decorating arches, gazebos, alleys; fences, outbuildings and facades of old buildings are often masked with it. During flowering, this...Read More

Hibiscus (80 photos): types and care

Hibiscus is native to the subtropical and tropical regions of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. This charming plant has hundreds of varieties that not only delight with lush flowering, but are also used in the food industry, cosmetology, for example, black hair dye is made from flowers of some species. The well-known tea “Hibiscus”...Read More