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Balcony design with wardrobe – we save the space of the apartment (165+ Photos). How to make a beautiful wardrobe with your own hands?

Many people install cabinets on the balcony to store various items. Such a solution to save space should be of interest to those who live in small-sized apartments.. Features of use Depending on the area of ​​the balcony and its configuration different designs can be installed: built-in; wardrobes; corner; ordinary; assembled from lining. These can...Read More

Corner bedrooms with filling (110+ Photo designs)

To ergonomically decorate your corner bedroom you will need patience, faith in victory and our advice. Corners are those lonely spaces in our homes that make us feel overwhelmed by their uselessness. The layout of a bedroom with all kinds of “niches” and corners is a big mystery for homeowners and really, what are they...Read More