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Recipes and blanks

Practical tips for growing wheat

Sprouted wheat is a source of youth, health and beauty. Many people ask questions about how to germinate wheat properly and how to take it. In seedlings, vitamins and minerals must be preserved, which have a beneficial effect on all systems of the body.. How to germinate wheat Whole intact grains are selected for germination....Read More

Trying to bake rye-wheat bread at home

Rye-wheat bread has been popular for a long time. Unlike the white bread that has already become familiar to many, it is much healthier. Regular consumption of such bread has a beneficial effect on the body. Its composition is traditional. It includes the ratio of nutrients and microelements that is optimal for human life.. What...Read More

The classic gazpacho recipe for fans of Spanish cuisine

The culinary creativity of the peoples of the world includes many favorite varied dishes. Consider the classic gazpacho recipe from the ancient Spaniards. It is made from simple and affordable ingredients as a first course. Gazpacho soup is served to fans of plant food, as well as to those who follow their figure. The exquisite...Read More

The best bulgur recipes for a healthy diet

Cereals are a valuable storehouse of carbohydrates, vitamins, complex compounds and microelements. The most popular bulgur recipes open the way to strengthening the body all year round. Delicious dishes are made from a unique product. Bulgur is a type of cereal obtained from durum wheat. It is obtained as a result of simple technology. Young...Read More

The best recipes for salting bream at home

Surely, every fisherman knows how to salt bream. Any of them will say that this process is simple, it does not take much time and effort, it does not involve hard-to-find products or special equipment. But the result is simply amazing and to the liking of everyone, without exception. Well, if you do not know...Read More

How to make a classic pizza at home

If there are leftovers of various sausages and cheese in the refrigerator after a festive feast, you can quickly make a delicious pizza from them. The recipe is quite simple and even a beginner in the kitchen can cope with it.. As usual, the basis for the pizza is yeast dough and filling, which everyone...Read More