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In what cases is milk powder given to piglets?

Breeding work to increase the multiplicity of sows is being carried out successfully. The lactation level is the same, powdered milk for piglets is needed to supplement numerous offspring. It is impossible to completely replace the milk of the uterus during feeding. Fresh cow’s milk is used in the household if there is a cow...Read More

We select drinkers and feeders for pigs

Correctly selected pig feeders are not only a guarantee of animal satiety. The design and size of this equipment determines how clean and high-quality the feed will be, as well as its economical use. Drinking bowls installed on the farm are just as important.. What are the requirements for pig feeders and drinkers? What constructive...Read More

We build a pigsty for 2 heads with our own hands

The rapid growth of pigs, their lack of demand for feed and active weight gain predetermined the popularity of animals among owners of small farms. You can make a do-it-yourself pigsty for 2 heads in just a few days. You can keep pigs in such a barn throughout the year.. Before getting to work, a...Read More

Parakeratosis in pigs from the point of view of specialists

Skin disease caused by zinc deficiency leads to infertility in adults or high intrauterine mortality. Parakeratosis in pigs most often occurs with metabolic disorders. Often this is a consequence of feeding animals only with compound feed (especially dry), corn or vegetable proteins. The disease is registered in the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Altai, the...Read More

A promising hybrid of dubious origins – the Karmala pig

It is unlikely that any other breed is now causing such lively controversy as the karmaly pigs. Piglets are asking for fabulous sums, and sellers are vying with each other to extol the extraordinary qualities of this breed, which does not exist today. Let’s try to figure out if karmal pigs are really that good...Read More

Pietrain pig breed: a meat giant with a harmful character

The Pietrain pig breed is considered the best among the breeds of the world gene pool, in terms of meat properties. It produces high quality bacon with thin layers of fat, which is very suitable for lovers of lean meats. Therefore, in European countries, this type of pig is especially popular.. The history of the...Read More