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Pearl necklace for the garden – anafalis

To give their garden uniqueness and charm, many growers grow anaphalis. They fell in love with him for his delicate inflorescences, reminiscent of a pearl necklace, for his unpretentious disposition and ease of care. A close acquaintance with this plant will help you appreciate it.. Attractive appearance Anafalis is a perennial garden plant. There are...Read More

Types of ixora and the rules for growing it at home

Ixora is a southern exotic flower suitable for home cultivation. With proper care and maintenance, it feels great at home in a pot and pleases the owner with unusual bright inflorescences. This is a rather rare plant, because it does not tolerate transportation well and can lose some of its leaves along the way. However,...Read More

En fantastisk klatringskobea bosatte sig i haven

En anden af ​​gartnernes yndlingsplanter er klatrekoben, der vokser af frø, som er noget besværlig. Men den investerede tid og kræfter opvejes af et smukt udseende og rigelig blomstring. Se billeder af clivia! Kort botanisk reference Liana kobei (oversat fra lat. Cobaea) er en klatrende halvbuske. Planten tilhører familien Cyanus. På trods af at det...Read More

The most beautiful cereals – impera cylindrical

More recently, our grandmothers could not think of planting ornamental grass, albeit beautiful, in a flower garden, it was believed that it only interferes with the growth of useful plants. But times are changing, and decorative grasses have taken their rightful place in our gardens. Superiority among them in beauty, no doubt, is occupied by...Read More


Zamia on ikivihreiden kasvien perhe. Luonnollisissa olosuhteissa tämä kukka kasvaa Amerikan trooppisilla ja subtrooppisilla alueilla, sitä voidaan kasvattaa myös kotona ruukussa. Hän ei kasva kovin suureksi, mutta vaatii erityisiä pidätysolosuhteita. Jopa hyvästä kotihoidosta huolimatta zamia ei koskaan kukki, mutta se näyttää alkuperäiseltä. Kasvien ominaisuudet ja lajikkeet Tämän kasvin lajikkeet eroavat toisistaan ​​ulkonäöltään. Kaikilla niillä on...Read More