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Medicinal plants

Useful properties of yucca and their uses

Knowing the beneficial properties of yucca, you can cure a number of diseases. This is a unique plant that is an evergreen tree-shaped shrub. The leaves have sharp ends, are slightly curled at the top. During flowering, a panicle of rather large flowers of a white or cream shade appears.. Useful properties of yucca and...Read More

Useful properties of radishes

In the spring and early summer, when the rest of the garden crops have just been planted in the beds and are gaining strength, the juicy crunchy radish roots are ready to eat. But the value of an early vegetable is not only in its early maturity and sweetish, with a slight pungency in taste,...Read More

Learning to care for the Kalanchoe at home

The succulent plant, a native of the island of Madagascar, came to Russia with a merchant caravan. Kalanch means health in translation. The leaves of this foreign plant saved the sailor from tropical fever, and he took them on the road. Caring for Kalanchoe at home is not very difficult. He became a resident of...Read More

Can melon be consumed with pancreatitis?

If there is a ripe melon on the table, the aroma alone induces an appetite. When the fruit is cut, there is nothing to refuse from the sweet, honey-juiced slice. Melon is not only everyone’s favorite summer delicacy, but also a storehouse of minerals, vitamins, fiber, sugars and other substances that have a beneficial effect...Read More

Can a nursing mother eat pineapple

Breast milk is the ideal food for a rapidly growing and developing baby. A woman’s milk contains substances that are necessary not only to maintain strength, but also to form the vital systems of the child’s body. Not only are the components of milk easily absorbed, thanks to breastfeeding, the baby is reliably protected from...Read More