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Medicinal plants

Unique properties of jojoba oil and its use for facial skin

Vegetable oils are widely used in cosmetology, folk and traditional medicine. Thanks to its rich biochemical composition and excellent caring effect, jojoba oil for the face is a valuable source of beauty, youth and health.. Simmondsia Chinese, from the fruits of which this product is obtained, is a native of the New World. Today, due...Read More

The effect of mint on the male body

Mint is a fragrant herb that has been known to people since ancient times for its medicinal properties. From time immemorial, it has been used as a medicine. Women saw in this plant the secret of their beauty and youth, and for men it served as a source of calm and inspiration. There are several...Read More

Useful properties of yucca and their uses

Knowing the beneficial properties of yucca, you can cure a number of diseases. This is a unique plant that is an evergreen tree-shaped shrub. The leaves have sharp ends, are slightly curled at the top. During flowering, a panicle of rather large flowers of a white or cream shade appears.. Useful properties of yucca and...Read More

Can melon be consumed with pancreatitis?

If there is a ripe melon on the table, the aroma alone induces an appetite. When the fruit is cut, there is nothing to refuse from the sweet, honey-juiced slice. Melon is not only everyone’s favorite summer delicacy, but also a storehouse of minerals, vitamins, fiber, sugars and other substances that have a beneficial effect...Read More

We grow healthy red beans on our site

Among the varieties of beans by taste, the shape of the bush and shoulder blades, the red beans of the shelling varieties stand out. Its beans, due to the colored shell, have properties enhanced by anthocyanins. Therefore, the benefits of eating red beans require separate research. At first, a guest from India was used for...Read More

Tomato juice, the benefits and harms of the drink

All plant foods used for nutrition can be sources of juices. However, each composition has its own characteristics, we investigate tomato juice, the benefits and harms of the drink. For a good assimilation of the product, it is important that its capabilities are known to the consumer, and contraindications are saved from trouble.. Composition of...Read More