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Living room

Living room design 16 sq.m. (70 photos)

The hall is the center of any home, where they relax with the family and receive guests. Therefore, the design of the living room is 16 sq.m. must be implemented in such a way that it embodies both style and convenience. Here you can freely embody any of your ideas. Moreover, the design project of...Read More

Living room design 18 sqm: 50 bright ideas

Living room 18 sq.m. – a common option in Soviet-built houses. This is not the most spacious area, but it is quite enough to accommodate all the necessary pieces of furniture, and there will also be room for free movement. Today we will talk about how you can decorate a room of this type and...Read More

Living room in Khrushchev: 65 ideas for interior design

Built in the 1950s and 1980s, panel high-rise buildings still make up most of the affordable housing in the former USSR. Apartments in these houses are not comfortable, but even they can be made cozy and modern. Often, the improvement of the interior begins with the hall, because it is in this room that people...Read More

Wallpaper for the hall: 60 beautiful ideas

The living room is a room that acts as the center of all events taking place in the family. Family celebrations are held here, guests are welcomed, so special attention must be paid to the design of the premises. Most often, I use wallpaper for wall decoration, which, due to its variety of colors, patterns...Read More

Wall in the living room in a modern style (50+ photos)

The living room is not just a place to relax or socialize with the family, but also a functional room that can become a storage area. Even owners of small sizes should not be afraid to place bulky cabinets or multi-level shelves in a small space. There is a huge variety of roomy furniture sets...Read More

Curtains for the living room (60 photos)

Even the most sophisticated and stylish interior looks unfinished without decent window frames. In offices, everyone is accustomed to blinds, but beautiful textile curtains are an integral part of the hearth. It is especially important to choose suitable curtains for the living room. This room is designed for relaxation, comfort and companionship, which means that...Read More

High-tech living room: 75 photos and ideas

One of the main rooms of the apartment, where family celebrations and receptions are held, is, of course, the hall. And how you want it to be original, spacious and never cease to amaze with its modernity. High-tech design will help to express the good taste and desire of the owners to get only the...Read More

Living room design 17 sq.m. (+70 photo)

The living room is the face of the owners. It is this place that is rightfully considered an ideal corner for festive dinners, meetings with close friends, watching movies in the evening and other interesting pastime. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand that the design of the living room is 17 sq. M. should...Read More