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Landscape design

Photo, planting and caring for common barberry

Common barberry is an undemanding, drought-resistant, frost-resistant and durable plant. It is these qualities that make barberry one of the indispensable shrubs for use as a hedge. It is easy to shape and looks incredibly decorative in any landscape, at any time of the year. With proper care, this shrub is beautiful from summer to...Read More

Getting to know Kalanchoe Kalandiva

Plants united by the genus Kalanchoe, in nature, are mostly found in the Southern Hemisphere. Kalanchoe Kalandiva is no exception, representing a miniature, lush blooming subspecies of Blossfeld’s Kalanchoe. Like other varieties, Kalanchoe Kalandiva is grown as a room crop and is deservedly considered an unpretentious plant, which even a novice florist can take care...Read More

We grow salvia from seeds for summer cottages

The zenith of summer has come, and each plant seeks to declare itself. Flowering is a continuation of the genus. Blossom, nourish the seeds with vitality and go into the shadows, making way for a new generation. Salvia unfolds its panicle of tubular flowers at the height of summer, when pollinating insects with long proboscis...Read More

Planting and caring for boxwood evergreen at home

Boxwood (other names – beech, busk, stone tree) is a beautiful evergreen shrub with very hard wood that can decorate any landscape. This pliable plant tolerates frequent shaping haircuts with ease. In landscape design, living fences and curbs are formed from boxwood plantings, they are planted as solo specimens on lawns, green sculptural compositions –...Read More

What could be more beautiful than a barberry hedge

Fences and front gardens faded into the background after the opportunity arose to plant barberries in summer cottages and vegetable gardens. Photos of barberry in landscape design are amazing. Craftsmen put all their imagination and professional skills into work, bringing to life the most non-trivial ideas of hedges. Green spaces are not only beauty, but...Read More

Photo of a dill tree and growing rules on your site

When the dill tree is mentioned, the imagination involuntarily draws the image of a giant umbrella plant with fragrant feathery foliage.. Indeed, this culture, which has a culinary, decorative and medicinal value, has openwork repeatedly dissected greens, but it has no medicinal relation to the usual garden dill Artemisia abrotanum or wormwood.. The description of...Read More

Planting and caring for boxwood in the Leningrad region

The boxwood tree and shrub that has recently become fashionable, although not too whimsical, requires certain knowledge. To get the best results, you need to know exactly how to plant and care for boxwood.. Description of boxwood About thirty different plant species are united under the name boxwood. They grow wild in Asia and the...Read More