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How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen: 70 photos and ideas

Wallpaper is one of the most affordable finishes suitable for the kitchen. A wide variety of textures and patterns makes it possible to choose the perfect option for any style. What you should pay attention to before buying wallpaper and how to make a delightful interior with their help will be described below.. Types of...Read More

Kitchen design 11 sq.m. (+60 photo)

Despite the presence of different rooms in the house, it is at the kitchen table that you can easily imagine a family dinner, a friendly tea party, sincere conversations and even a romantic dinner. No wonder there is an aphorism that “the kitchen is the soul of the house.” This is a pure truth! And...Read More

Handles for kitchen furniture (80 photos): types, which to buy

Each kitchen is a large number of different cabinets, shelves and drawers. A good kitchen set must meet such important criteria: practicality, functionality, compatibility with the general style of the interior, as well as the presence of handles made of quality material. It is about the last element that we will tell in our article,...Read More

Kitchen with a bar counter (70 photos): design ideas

In the layout of a modern kitchen, the bar counter is quite common. It is a stylish and practical element of the interior, which simultaneously serves as a mini-partition, table, and sometimes a work surface. Such a solution will be especially relevant for small rooms and studios, where it is not possible to organize a...Read More

Kitchen design 10 sq.m. (+70 photo)

Such a kitchen can be called the “golden mean” – there is already enough space for arranging a spacious cooking space, dining and bar area, but there is still a possibility of “losing” the cherished meters by an unsuccessful organization of space. Therefore, the kitchen design is 10 sq.m. you need to plan thoroughly. Our...Read More

Kitchen set for a small kitchen (60 photos)

Many people mistakenly think that only a large kitchen can be cozy. In fact, even a small space can be turned into a spacious, comfortable and functional room. For the correct organization of a small kitchen, it is enough to know the basic rules for choosing a headset. This will help to visually expand the...Read More

Chandelier for the kitchen (80 photos): types, how to choose

In the past, lighting in homes was an extremely practical moment in the interior. Today, chandeliers are a multifunctional lighting element that can complement any style direction. A kitchen chandelier should effectively diffuse light and match the overall atmosphere. We will tell you about the types of this necessary device, about combinations in different interior...Read More