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Black and white kitchen (70 photos): design ideas

The black and white range is distinguished by its attractive appearance, versatility and practicality. It is suitable for both large rooms and very small ones. With proper use of the palette, you can correct some of the flaws in the room, for example, visually expand the distance between the walls and make the ceiling higher....Read More

Kitchen design 7 sq.m. (+100 photo)

A small area in panel houses is a harsh reality that many residents of post-Soviet countries have to face. In such spaces, one has to deal with the design of a kitchen of 7 square meters, instead of the standardized 12 square meters, which complicates the design of a comfortable and beautiful interior, but does...Read More

Loft-style kitchen design (90 photos)

Interior design in the loft style is the choice of those who prefer bold dynamic design solutions, non-standard ideas for planning and arranging living space. The kitchen, made in this direction, perfectly cope with all the points of its functional purpose. Somewhat rude, but at the same time, spacious, light, ergonomic, it will provide all...Read More

Kitchen studio design: 75 photo ideas

Family gatherings, sincere meetings with friends, romantic evenings most often take place in the kitchen. The open plan of this space is an excellent solution from an aesthetic and rational point of view. Combining the cooking area with the living area creates a stylish design and also solves the problem of organizing space of any...Read More

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen: 70 photos and ideas

Wallpaper is one of the most affordable finishes suitable for the kitchen. A wide variety of textures and patterns makes it possible to choose the perfect option for any style. What you should pay attention to before buying wallpaper and how to make a delightful interior with their help will be described below.. Types of...Read More

Apron in the kitchen (+85 photos)

All planes in the kitchen are susceptible to the negative effects of heat and steam. But if in the dining area you can emphasize the decorative properties of the finish, then next to the stove the stability of the material plays a key role. Fortunately, there are many more options for designing an apron for...Read More

Kitchen design 3 by 4 meters (80 photos)

The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms where not only cooking processes take place, but also family meals, meetings of relatives and friendly gatherings. When planning a renovation, it is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail in order to make the room as comfortable as possible, to place all the...Read More

Kitchen design in classic style (+65 photos)

Symmetry of lines, graceful shapes, restrained colors – these are the main features of the classic style. Such a design will give the kitchen an aristocratic look, make it an example of harmony and purity. Neat and practical, the classic is ideal for decorating both small cooking corners and spacious rooms. If you use high-quality...Read More