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Green kitchen: design ideas (75 photos)

Green is versatile. It symbolizes life and harmony. It is the color of spring and nature. It pleases and relaxes at the same time, helps to get rid of negativity and stress, invigorates and motivates. Green is especially good for work areas. It promotes concentration, but does not tire or crush. It is pleasant to...Read More

Kitchen design in Khrushchev: 80 interior ideas (photo)

As you know, apartments in Khrushchev have some of the most inconvenient layouts with small rooms. For some reason, kitchens especially fell out of favor with the then architects, who assigned them a tiny area not exceeding 6 square meters, and if you are the owner of just such a room, you will have to...Read More

High-tech kitchen design (80+ photos)

Whereas in the past the kitchen was perceived solely as a space for cooking and eating, today the design aesthetics play as important a role as the functionality of the room. High-tech kitchen interior design is perfect for those who appreciate stylish extravagance, cozy minimalism and glossy shine of surfaces.. Style features This design is...Read More

Tulle in the kitchen: 70 beautiful photo ideas

Correctly selected tulle will serve as a beautiful complement to the image of the kitchen. Perhaps you think that there is hardly a place for him in a modern interior, but this is not so. If you take into account the peculiarities of the room, the color palette of decoration, correctly select the necessary fabric,...Read More

Countertop for the kitchen (105 photos): types, how to choose

If you are faced with the question of what material and color of the countertop will suit your kitchen in the best way, then our article is for you. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various surfaces for the work area? Let’s figure it out! Chipboard countertops Chipboards are one of the most...Read More

Small kitchen design (+75 photos)

Small kitchens are a common problem in Soviet apartments. However, it applies to all types of budget housing, even in European countries and the United States. But in itself, the presence of an individual zone for cooking and eating is already a lot, and in order to be in such a kitchen it was pleasant,...Read More

Wallpaper color for the kitchen: 90 photo ideas

For many decades, people have been decorating the walls of their homes with wallpaper that creates a cozy, homely atmosphere. Canvases are still relevant today, but, unlike in previous times, they already have a huge assortment of materials, colors and textures. To decorate the kitchen space, a special approach to the choice of the color...Read More

Ikea kitchens in the interior (80 photos)

Hardly anyone has not heard of the IKEA chain of furniture and home goods stores, whose products have flooded the interiors of middle-class and high-income families. It is not surprising that when arranging rooms, many immediately turn to the company’s catalogs, studying new items or interesting proposals. If you are now doing the same, choosing...Read More