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Design ideas for a small kitchen in Khrushchev (65 photos)

Most Soviet-built apartments in the 1950s and 1970s have very small kitchens. Typical panel and block houses-Khrushchevs of those times were conceived as temporary housing for workers – provided by the state free of charge and subject to demolition after 25 years of operation. However, due to various economic and political reasons, such buildings still...Read More

Kitchen furniture (75 photos): ideas how to choose

Modern kitchen furniture is replete with its variety, and it is often quite difficult to make the right choice. The service life, as well as the convenience of cooking, a comfortable stay in the dining area, largely depends on how ergonomic and high-quality the furniture will be. In our article, we will consider the main...Read More

Kitchen design in classic style (+65 photos)

Symmetry of lines, graceful shapes, restrained colors – these are the main features of the classic style. Such a design will give the kitchen an aristocratic look, make it an example of harmony and purity. Neat and practical, the classic is ideal for decorating both small cooking corners and spacious rooms. If you use high-quality...Read More

Bar stools for the kitchen (80+ photos)

Bar stools in a luxurious tandem with a bar counter are a relatively new phenomenon in modern kitchen interiors. This is an excellent option for small spaces, as the furniture is compact in size. For spacious interiors, original bar stools become an effective stylish decoration that can be used to divide the territory into functional...Read More

Finishing a working wall in the kitchen (80 photos)

Finishing the wall above the work surface requires a special approach, because it is most susceptible to dirt, the negative effects of high temperature and humidity. In addition, this area is constantly in sight, often acts as an accent element, so the decorative qualities must correspond to the overall interior design. In our article, we...Read More

70+ Black Kitchen Design Ideas (Photos)

Many people find black color in the interior too gloomy and certainly unsuitable for the kitchen. However, this is not entirely true – a dark typeface can be the basis for a great design. In spacious rooms and studio apartments, this solution looks modern and respectable; if the cooking area is small, you can always...Read More

Kitchen design in the style of minimalism: 60 photos of interiors

The austere interior, in which every thing is in its place, is an excellent solution for small spaces. This design will be especially appropriate in the cooking area. How to equip a modern minimalist kitchen will be discussed in this article.. The main features of minimalism Extreme conciseness, thoughtfulness and functionality distinguish minimalism from other...Read More

Kitchen in pink: 80 design ideas

Pink is surrounded by prejudice. But completely in vain. Delicate and neat, it looks fresh and original, and, depending on the shade and combinations, allows you to achieve fundamentally different effects. Soft shades soothe, bright ones bring a feeling of carefreeness, deep and rich shades energize. Pink is very active, but not as aggressive as...Read More