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Curtains for the kitchen: 70 photo ideas

It would seem that curtains do not play such an important role in the design of the kitchen as in the living room or bedroom. But often it is textiles that help make the interior truly cozy! You can choose beautiful curtains for the kitchen in a specialized store or even sew it yourself, and...Read More

70+ white kitchen design ideas (photo)

The kitchen, made in shades of white, captivates with its cleanliness and airiness. Such a room is filled with light and gives the impression of incredible lightness. In addition, snow-white tones have a beneficial effect on the mood of the inhabitants of the house, so a light design is always relevant and the right move,...Read More

White and green kitchen: 90 design ideas (photo)

The kitchen is one of the most important places where we all spend a lot of time, prepare delicious meals, meet friends or simply eat with our family. In any case, every person wants to see the kitchen as a cozy and comfortable room. Often, a city dweller living in a noisy city with numerous...Read More

Japanese-style kitchen: 85 photos and ideas

Starting to renovate the kitchen, each of us wants to see it as a comfortable, ergonomic space, where it is pleasant and convenient not only to prepare food, but also to dine, to gather with friends over a cup of tea. If you are not a supporter of the ordinary, we propose to consider the...Read More

Apron in the kitchen (+85 photos)

All planes in the kitchen are susceptible to the negative effects of heat and steam. But if in the dining area you can emphasize the decorative properties of the finish, then next to the stove the stability of the material plays a key role. Fortunately, there are many more options for designing an apron for...Read More

Kitchen design 20 sq.m. (+70 photo)

The kitchen is a wonderful place where you can demonstrate your exquisite taste in the field of interior design, as well as give guests a homely atmosphere of warmth and comfort. It should be noted right away that they choose a kitchen design of 20 sq.m. real lucky ones, because it is this area that...Read More

Kitchen curtains: 100 photo ideas

The choice of curtains for the kitchen is not easy and troublesome. The modern market offers a huge variety of different models and materials. To this it is also worth adding the quite affordable opportunity to make custom-made curtains. To make it easier to decide which curtains are suitable for a particular kitchen, we will...Read More