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Sofa for the kitchen: 76 photo ideas

The kitchen has long ceased to be just a cooking area. Now here they receive guests or relax after preparing complex recipes. Therefore, the presence of upholstered furniture is not considered something unusual, but on the contrary, it expands the visual and functional capabilities of the room. How to choose the right model, where to...Read More

Tiles for the kitchen on the floor: types, how to choose

The kitchen should be equally cozy for receiving guests, romantic evenings with loved ones and family dinners with relatives. Floor covering plays an important role in creating comfort. Tiles for the kitchen on the floor are an ideal option that meets such important criteria: resistance to mechanical damage, soundproofing, wear resistance, and aesthetic appearance. Each...Read More

Choosing kitchen facades – fashionable materials in 2021

A modern kitchen should be convenient and comfortable, ergonomic. Great importance is attached to the choice of materials from which kitchen sets are made.. Correctly selected furniture can transform the simplest layout. Design facade for the kitchen is selected taking into account the decoration of the walls, floor, ceiling. Facade color should match the rest...Read More

Blue kitchen: 70 design ideas

Do you often catch yourself thinking that you want to escape somewhere closer to the Cote d’Azur, but sadly you are looking over the bleak landscape outside the window? Try to color your melancholic breakfast with pleasant colors! Whether lavender, grape mist, lunar indigo, Hawaiian ocean, Cypriot breeze or Moroccan, Mediterranean blue – the Panton...Read More

Kitchen design 8 sq.m. (+55 photo)

In most apartments, the kitchen is not only the back office where you prepare and store food, but also the dining room where you set the table and spend time with your family. How to correctly develop a kitchen design 8 sq.m. and at the same time not to lose a single centimeter in vain?...Read More

Decorative stone in the interior of the kitchen (58 photos)

Contemporary designs offer hundreds of options for finishing the space, although many choose to stick with traditional, time-honored wallpaper or regular paint. However, other materials have unique aesthetics and properties that will transform any room – you just need to know how to use them. Today we will talk about the features of decorative stone...Read More

Purple kitchen: design ideas (80 photos)

Do you want to bring originality and modern style to your life? This is easy to do if you turn to the most daring decisions. The purple kitchen will become unique in its kind, as not everyone dares to build a design on eggplant shades. Bright, impressive in its palette, it will become a real...Read More