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Design of a kitchen combined with a living room (85 photos)

Open-plan kitchens have come into fashion relatively recently, so they look very modern and respectable. Most often, such an interior is found in studio apartments, but in general, combining the cooking and recreation area can be a great solution, both for private houses and apartments. The photos and recommendations presented on this page will help...Read More

How to choose wallpaper for the hallway (+60 photos)

An entrance hall is an intermediate zone between residential and non-residential spaces. It would seem that the small area of ​​the room, which usually varies from 2 to 4 sq.m., does not allow you to go too far in the interior decoration and develop a design that will immediately create a positive impression of the...Read More

Combining wallpaper in the bedroom (+50 photos)

Wallpaper is one of the most popular ways to decorate the walls in the bedroom, but even the most beautiful textures can look boring or old-fashioned if you paste them over the entire room. In modern design, it is customary to mix different options so that the interior turns out to be unusual and stylish....Read More

Pallet furniture: 60 beautiful ideas

Homemade items have unique aesthetics and create a cozy atmosphere in the interior. Therefore, even in the era of high technologies, you can afford to show your imagination by entering a simple, but original, hand-made headset. Pallet furniture is a wide range of various objects that, when properly finished, look like unusual designer products. The...Read More

Toilet design in Khrushchev (80 photos)

The inconvenient layouts of small apartments with a tiny kitchen and a bathroom are a legacy of the Khrushchev era, when the rapid pace of construction meant providing living space to the largest number of families, and comfort was given the last role. If you become the heir of just such an apartment, the issue...Read More

Scandinavian style in the interior (+90 photos)

Scandinavian interior design is gaining more and more popularity every day. This is not surprising, because this laconic, light and endearing style is liked by most people. If you are going to develop a design for a residential building, then you should definitely pay attention to this original option. Read about all the nuances in...Read More

Fashionable wallpaper for walls 2021

When the word “photo wallpaper” is used, some recall the interiors of the apartments of twenty years ago. Yes, they triumphantly returned and became a new trend. Interior designers consider the updated wallpaper a great tool for quickly transforming the space of the premises. Unlike its predecessors, trendy photo wallpapers: do not fade in the...Read More

Wallpaper for walls: views, catalog (80 photos)

Despite the huge variety of wall decoration materials, wallpaper continues to occupy a leading position. They surprise with their decorative variety, and the use of different types of raw materials for the production of canvases makes it possible to choose the most durable material for any room. In our article, we will consider various types...Read More