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Climbing indoor plants (75+ photos)

In the arrangement of living quarters, you can more and more often find compositions of living climbing plants, and this is fully justified by both their decorative properties and the ability to perfectly purify the air, bring in a piece of comfort, and also participate in the zoning of space. Phyto-walls and supports with lianas...Read More

Decorative stone in the interior (90+ photos)

The secret of the significant popularity of decorative stone in the interior is that it creates the impression of solidity, reliability and, of course, security. Houses, palaces of ancient nobles and kings were decorated with stone, which is proved by numerous archaeological excavations. Although decorative stone is inferior in its strength characteristics to natural, it...Read More

Wallpaper for walls: views, catalog (80 photos)

Despite the huge variety of wall decoration materials, wallpaper continues to occupy a leading position. They surprise with their decorative variety, and the use of different types of raw materials for the production of canvases makes it possible to choose the most durable material for any room. In our article, we will consider various types...Read More

One-story houses (90 photos): projects and ideas

The presence of a land plot outside the city is an excellent opportunity to build a full-fledged residential building where you can escape from the bustle of the city and the limited space. Despite the fact that two-, three-storey buildings are found more and more often lately, one-story houses do not lose their popularity. This...Read More

How to make a gift with your own hands on February 14

Valentine’s Day, the patron saint of all lovers, attracts with the opportunity to reveal their feelings to a loved one in the most beautiful way, or to remind those who have been married for a long time about them. It is noteworthy that for this celebration it is not at all necessary to buy expensive...Read More

How to decorate an apartment on February 14: 70 photo ideas

The main attribute of Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly your feelings, which will help to emphasize a variety of pleasant “little things” in the form of decorations for a festive evening. There are many ways to decorate an apartment by February 14th and create a truly comfortable romantic environment. At the same time, there is no...Read More