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Wall shelves: 62 original ideas

Finding storage space is one of the main challenges people face when thinking through a design, and afterwards too. Sometimes, even in a large room, another bulky cabinet will look out of place, but what if you need to place a collection of figures or a dozen books? Salvation in such a situation is the...Read More

Design of a kitchen combined with a living room (85 photos)

Open-plan kitchens have come into fashion relatively recently, so they look very modern and respectable. Most often, such an interior is found in studio apartments, but in general, combining the cooking and recreation area can be a great solution, both for private houses and apartments. The photos and recommendations presented on this page will help...Read More

Fresco on the wall (90 photos): decor ideas

Fresco is recognized as one of the most popular painting techniques for modern interiors, although it has a long history. This is an excellent solution that will give the room elegance, charm, a unique mood and coziness. The technology of drawing on fresh limestone soil was used to paint the walls in Ancient Greece and...Read More

How to choose wallpaper for the hallway (+60 photos)

An entrance hall is an intermediate zone between residential and non-residential spaces. It would seem that the small area of ​​the room, which usually varies from 2 to 4 sq.m., does not allow you to go too far in the interior decoration and develop a design that will immediately create a positive impression of the...Read More

Writing desk for the student (80 photos)

Approaching the issue of choosing a desktop for a child, parents often focus only on its price and size. These are undoubtedly essential criteria, however, it is important to select the right material, the functional component of the place for writing and creativity, as well as its creative design, to which children will turn their...Read More

The interior of the bath and sauna (50 photos): types of finishes

The bath room is not just a room for relaxation, but also a space that can really cleanse, renew, restore body and soul. Therefore, a competent design of the interior of the bath and rest room, the choice of practical finishes, and the optimal layout play an important role. Only the conscientious implementation of each...Read More

Begonia (48 photos): types and care

Begonia, without undue modesty, can be called the most striking decoration of residential areas. Balconies and window sills, framed by lush pink, yellow, orange, white inflorescences, instantly attract the attention of passers-by. Most varieties of this cute house flower retain their colorful appearance all year round, discreetly renewing their tropical palette. This is not surprising,...Read More

Black and white wallpaper in the interior: 80 photo ideas

Do you want to give your monastery a bright contrast? To achieve this goal, the classic tandem of white and black is the best fit. Strict elegance will make it easy to create a boring interior on your own. Since wallpaper is often used for decoration, in the variety of which it is easy to...Read More