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Self-leveling 3D floors: 65 photo ideas

It is natural for every person to strive to see their home comfortable and stylishly furnished. However, when decorating an interior, it is often necessary to find a compromise solution between functionality and an attractive appearance. Self-leveling 3D-floors – this is one of the most fashionable novelties among building coatings. This option allows you to...Read More

Wall key holder for the hallway: 70 photo ideas

Does it happen that you can’t find your keys right before leaving? This is a very frustrating situation. A stylish and undoubtedly useful wall key holder will help you fix it. Having picked up or made a housekeeper with your own hands, you will forever forget about these insignificant but unpleasant everyday problems. Choosing a...Read More

Dressing table with mirror (70+ photos)

A cute and comfortable dressing table is not only a dream, but also a necessity for every modern woman. This functional and useful interior element is gaining popularity in modern design again. Depending on the size or design of the room, many questions may arise about the choice and placement of the table, and today...Read More

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine?

A down jacket is a popular type of warm winter clothing that you need to be able not only to choose and wear, but also to handle it correctly – in particular, this applies to washing and cleaning. To prepare a thing for the season, someone turns to dry-cleaners for help, but still quite a...Read More

Filament curtains (65 photos): types and features, ideas

Thread curtains in the interior become the embodiment of original design solutions. Competently selected, they perfectly suit any style direction and, in addition to decorating a window opening, are capable of performing various additional functions. These canvases came to us from the East, where they act as an excellent protection from the heat, which at...Read More

What colors is gray combined with: 90 ideas

Gray is gaining popularity in modern interior design. It is characteristic of the design of many styles that are increasingly appearing in our homes. Gray can play a major role in the interior, being used as a decoration for vertical and horizontal surfaces, or become an invisible addition that emphasizes the brightness of furniture and...Read More

Loft style in the interior (80 photos)

The origins of this style direction go back to the 40s, when such an unusual home design could be seen in the creative bohemia of the United States. Open chimneys, workshop spirit, factory fittings and high ceilings are the main concepts of the loft style in the interior. The buildings of old factories and similar...Read More

Drywall arches: design ideas (70 photos)

Unlike the usual interior doors, drywall arches look solemn, visually raise the ceilings and expand the space of the apartment. The plasticity of this building material allows you to cut oval reliefs and all kinds of smooth curves from it, which complement the interior so beautifully. A variety of drywall arches, their features and design...Read More