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Combining wallpaper in the interior: 60 ideas (photo)

The choice of wall coverings has always been a demanding task. Wallpaper helps to fully embody the desired style in the design or become a harmonious background for a beautiful composition. Combining wallpaper in the interior is a combination of different patterns, colors, textures. Experts from all over the world use such an original approach...Read More

Roman blinds in the interior: 90 photo ideas

This type of window decoration appeared several millennia ago, when the powerful Roman Empire flourished. Hence the name of the curtains. Their construction is quite simple. The mechanism and cut are distinguished by the severity of forms, the clarity of lines and a variety of textures. Roman blinds occupy one of the leading positions in...Read More

Hallway in classic style (+75 photos)

The hall is not only the first place visitors to the house come across, but also a functional area where they store things, dress and tidy themselves up before leaving. Its design is inextricably linked with the rest of the space, so for more traditional living, it is necessary to think about the design of...Read More

Modular sofas (65 photos): types, how to choose

Everyone knows that Italy is the homeland of people who value comfort, coziness and extravagance above all else. It was the representative of this amazing country who was able to give the world the first modular sofa. Designer Antonio Citterio approached the creation of furniture in an original way, combining practicality, unusual forms and functionality....Read More

DIY old cabinet decor: 11 ideas

Any furniture gets old over time and loses its attractive appearance. But do not rush to throw away a shabby chest of drawers or a wardrobe with an irrelevant design – you can still not just bring them back to life, but make them better, more original and more aesthetic than before. Today we will...Read More

Shabby chic style in the interior: 110 photo ideas

Clothing, accessories or decor in the style of shabby chic is heard today, but initially this trend originated in the field of interior design. The room, which combines elements of retro, vintage, as well as Provence, looks a little shocking, but always interesting. Due to blurred boundaries, it is not easy to create a shabby-chic...Read More

Interior of a cottage or a country house: 70 photo ideas

The interior of the cottage should be as comfortable and cozy as possible, so that its residents can really relax and take a break from the noise and everyday life outside the city. The possibility of arranging a large area, the presence of high ceilings, as well as the proximity to natural beauty – all...Read More

Wallpaper for painting: types, how to glue, ideas

Not every person is ready to agree to long-term uniformity in interior design – especially creative people and those who have not yet fully decided on the style solution for their home. Wallpaper for painting is a great opportunity to change the appearance of a room without much financial and time costs. It should be...Read More