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Peach color in the interior (100 photos)

Coloring is one of the key means of artistic expression in design. Therefore, the choice of the palette must be approached competently, choosing the right combinations, shades and saturation. An excellent example of this is the peach color in the interior. It can look like a bright spot or smoothly weave into the visual content...Read More

Combining wallpaper in the interior: 60 ideas (photo)

The choice of wall coverings has always been a demanding task. Wallpaper helps to fully embody the desired style in the design or become a harmonious background for a beautiful composition. Combining wallpaper in the interior is a combination of different patterns, colors, textures. Experts from all over the world use such an original approach...Read More

Roman blinds in the interior: 90 photo ideas

This type of window decoration appeared several millennia ago, when the powerful Roman Empire flourished. Hence the name of the curtains. Their construction is quite simple. The mechanism and cut are distinguished by the severity of forms, the clarity of lines and a variety of textures. Roman blinds occupy one of the leading positions in...Read More

Glass interior doors (65+ photos)

Interior doors made of glass are a relatively new phenomenon, but they have already firmly established themselves on the positive side. Few people know, but the first prototypes of such designs were invented and successfully used by the French back in the 17th century. Of course, they did not correspond to the high aesthetic and...Read More

TV wall: 70 design ideas

A TV in a modern interior is not just its component, but a compositional center around which other pieces of furniture are built. Since most of the attention is riveted to this place, it is necessary to arrange it visually attractively and harmoniously in relation to the rest of the details. Today we will talk...Read More

DIY tandoor: 60 photos and ideas

Recently, on private plots, you can often find oriental ovens with an exotic name – tandoor. They are great for outdoor cooking and are sure to impress your guests. What is especially nice – such a device can be done by hand. How? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.! How the tandoor works...Read More

9 DIY wall decor ideas

The decoration process is the final stage of interior decoration. After the work done, decorating is incredibly enjoyable. Creation of a beautiful surroundings on your own brings a special satisfaction. If you have free time and want to implement an original design, then feel free to get down to creativity. We have prepared for you...Read More

80+ living room curtain design ideas (photo)

Curtains are an essential element in the living room interior. Textile decor on the windows gives the room an elegant and habitable look, performing the function of a kind of barrier between the cozy space of the house and the street open to all winds. A wide variety of fabrics, fastening methods, decorations allows you...Read More