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Hallway / Corridor

Hallway in the Scandinavian style (80 photos)

The first room a person enters into when entering the house is the entrance hall. And, of course, any owner would like to see her spacious, light, with a benevolent, hospitable atmosphere. A Scandinavian-style entrance hall is the best solution that brings a touch of modernity to a small enclosed space, combined with a natural...Read More

Corner cabinets in the hallway: types and models (photo)

Corner wardrobe in the hallway is an excellent solution for small and non-standard rooms. In a spacious hall, such a structure can turn into a real dressing room. Corner furniture helps to significantly improve the interior of an apartment by rationally distributing space. Its undoubted advantage is the combination of spaciousness with compactness, and the...Read More

Design of a small hallway (90+ photos)

The entrance hall is the first room that sets the tone for the rest of the apartment, serves as a kind of visiting card for the owners, so its design deserves special attention. A small entrance hall is not a sentence, even a few square meters of the entrance hall, with the right approach, can...Read More

Hallway mirror (65+ photos)

The hallway is the first room a person enters. Of course, its design has a special place – the entrance hall acts as a kind of “face” of the apartment, according to which guests have a common opinion about its owners. In addition to beauty, functional content also plays an important role, because in the...Read More

Shoe rack in the hallway (80+ photos)

Over the years, such a piece of furniture as a shoe rack becomes an integral part of the interior of the hallways. This is due, first of all, to the indisputable convenience of storage, when shoes, ordered in an orderly position on the shelves, have the ability to maintain their original condition for a long...Read More

Hallway design 2021 (+80 photos)

We all want to see every corner of our home beautiful and practical. If we consider such an extraordinary space as a hallway from the point of view of repair, then its organization requires a particularly careful approach. Not only for the reason that it is subject to pollution and other loads, but primarily because...Read More