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When to remove radish from the garden in the country

For a gardener and gardener, it is important not only to grow an ecologically clean crop, but also to collect it in time, properly store it in order to please their loved ones with fragrant fresh fruits in winter. Today we will consider when to collect radish from the garden and how to properly store...Read More

Radish varieties in a summer cottage

The radish, which appeared in Europe thanks to Marco Polo, who studied the life and customs of the peoples of China, is one of the many varieties of sown radish and is an annual vegetable crop recognized in many countries of the world.. The main value of the radish is a juicy root vegetable of...Read More

Planting ziziphus at their summer cottage

Ziziphus grows naturally in Asian countries. This culture is very drought-resistant and unpretentious to care for. Due to its sweet fruits and high yields, the Chinese date quickly spread to the Americas and the Mediterranean. In Japan, this culture is usually called “unabi”, in other countries it is called “zhuzhuba”. In 2016, on the southern...Read More

Radish varieties popular among summer residents

To grow early radishes and prolong the collection of fresh root crops for a long time, you need to use varieties of different ripening periods. It is especially important to know the varietal characteristics when sowing a vegetable in the last rotation in order to get a harvest before the onset of cold weather. When...Read More

Features of growing winter wheat

Winter wheat is a grain crop that is prized for its high yields and unpretentiousness. Its grain is used to make cereals, pasta and baked goods, and wheat bran is used to feed farm animals. The straw from this variety is also of great nutritional value. It is also added to paper and animal bedding.....Read More

How to properly plant and care for an irga

Irga is a deciduous shrub of the apple genus with berries rich in vitamins. Irga, planting and caring for which does not cause any particular difficulties, is deservedly popular with summer residents and gardeners. The plant has excellent decorative properties. Berries have not only a wonderful sweet and sour taste, but also have many medicinal...Read More

Useful properties and contraindications to the use of exotic ziziphus

Ziziphus, the useful properties and contraindications of which we will consider today, is a tree and belongs to the Krushinovy ​​family. Also, the plant is known under the names “unabi”, “jujuba”, “zhuzhub”, “chinese date”. Its dimensions reach 5-7 m in height. The distribution area covers Europe, Australia, Asia, Japan. Favorite places are hills and mountain...Read More

“Sanitaries” for the garden – lacewings

The lacewing helps gardeners to fight small pests. In some countries, these insects are specially bred for the massive destruction of parasites. In the garden or in the garden, they are real “orderlies”. However, their presence in the house makes the owners unpleasant. To treat them correctly, you need to know what benefits they bring....Read More