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Flowers and Plants

Country calendar: June chores in the flower beds

Blooming of spring plants ends in May. June takes over and forces the grower to work heartily on the flower beds so that the site in the summer appears in all its glory. By June: annual plants are almost completely sown; perennial crops woke up and began to grow actively; seedlings of biennial and perennial...Read More

Prevention and control of iris diseases

Irises have become permanent inhabitants of our gardens for a long time. These handsome men are quite unpretentious, but nevertheless, from time to time, gardeners are upset by the diseases of irises and the fight against them takes a lot of time and effort.. The more refined the variety of the plant, the more it...Read More

When to plant asters for seedlings

Astra is an autumn beauty that conquers everyone. It is not surprising that with the arrival of spring, many gardeners are wondering how to properly sow aster seeds for seedlings, when to plant and at what time to transplant into the ground.. Scientifically, the plant growing in all household plots and gardens is called Kalistemma....Read More

The main causes of stromantal diseases

A visitor to the rainforests is a capricious plant. As a result of improper care, various stromant diseases arise, which, first of all, are reflected on the leaves. It is important to notice the change in their appearance in time and take appropriate measures to preserve the flower. Providing the necessary growing conditions will help...Read More

Houseplants catalog with photos and names

For the first time, unusual and beautifully flowering plants began to be grown in pots or greenhouses in the era of the great geographical discoveries. Today, indoor flowers, a catalog with photographs and names of which in paper form can be placed in several cabinets, is a passionate hobby of millions of people around the...Read More