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Flowers and Plants

The most beautiful cereals – impera cylindrical

More recently, our grandmothers could not think of planting ornamental grass, albeit beautiful, in a flower garden, it was believed that it only interferes with the growth of useful plants. But times are changing, and decorative grasses have taken their rightful place in our gardens. Superiority among them in beauty, no doubt, is occupied by...Read More

Unforgettable allium: planting and grooming outdoors

Do you want to decorate your site with unusual colors? Then pay attention to allium: planting and care in the open field is simple, and the result is impressive. The beauty of the buds, the brightness and richness of shades, the huge size of the inflorescences – all this will forever conquer your heart. Allium...Read More

All the most interesting about the philodendron

Since the 19th century, when philodendrons first began to be grown as greenhouse or indoor plants, many signs and beliefs have appeared associated with these evergreen inhabitants of the tropics.. Which interesting facts describing the philodendron have a real basis, and which are just idle fiction? How to propagate a flower at home, and what...Read More