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Flowers and Plants

Proper care of a sundew at home

Perennial grasses of the Rosyankov family are grown as ornamental plants. They are valued by flower growers for their unusual appearance and ability to feed on insects. Sundew care at home is quite simple if it is possible to reproduce the natural habitat. It should be borne in mind that the halo of sundew habitat...Read More

Features of growing fittonia at home

Fittonia is a popular decorative leafy plant native to South America. It is appreciated by flower growers for the unusual and bright color of the leaves. As a room culture, two types are used: Vershafelt fittonia and Silver-veined. Their main difference is the color of the leaves and the demand for care.. Botanical description Fittonias...Read More

Growing pedilanthus at home

Among indoor plants, there are many people from the tropics and subtropical regions. Pedilanthus, which turns into a large green decoration at home, is no exception. In the pot culture, several varieties of the flower are grown, which are loved by their dense leaves, powerful green stems and umbrella inflorescences of pinkish-red flowers. It is...Read More