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Flowers and Plants

Rules for growing St. John’s wort and competent care for him

St. John’s wort, unlike its wild relative, does not possess medicinal properties. Among gardeners, it is appreciated for its decorative effect. Its large spherical bushes become a spectacular decoration of any personal plot. In order for the plant to have a spectacular appearance, it must be properly cared for.. The best varieties To date, science...Read More

Home care for hymenokallis

Plants of the genus Hymenokallis or spider lilies came to Europe in the era of the great geographical discoveries, but did not become as popular as hippeastrum or South African amaryllis. In fact, if hymennocallis appears on the window, home care differs little from caring for other bulbous ones, but a rather rare plant becomes...Read More

The garden’s spring smile is a gentle anemone

As soon as the first spring rays of the sun hit the ground, snowdrops bloom. And when constant warmth comes, cute flowers appear called – anemone. Looking at these gentle creatures, you notice how gracefully they sway, even with a slight breeze. And the snow-white buds resemble spring snow on green grass. The humble flower...Read More

Choosing the best types of lumbago for a country flower bed

The types of lumbago found in nature are distinguished by unique flowers of bright colors. This is an unusual plant that appears immediately after the snow melts. Outwardly, lumbago is very similar to tulips, which delights many gardeners.. Types of lumbago: description of plants Lumbago, sleep-grass or snowdrops, as they are also called by the...Read More