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Flowers and Plants

Growing rue in a summer cottage

Growing rue is becoming quite popular in horticultural circles. The flower is famous not only for its original appearance, but also for its useful qualities. The plant is widely used in pharmaceuticals, culinary and alternative medicine. External characteristics and use of the plant Ruta is a long-lived shrub plant that has a very specific scent....Read More

What types of nematanthus are grown at home

Nematanthus or hypocyrta is a plant that belongs to the Gesneriaceae family. In nature, both shrub and herbaceous forms are found. There are 28 varieties in total. Some types of nematanthus can also be grown at home.. Nematantus Vetstein Nematantus Vetstein is an ampelous plant, the length of the shoots of which can reach 90...Read More

Proper care of pachystachis at home

To grow healthy and lush pachystachis, home care for this plant must follow certain rules. It is important to choose the right soil and utensils for growing, maintain the required temperature and humidity, and regularly water and feed the flower. Then he will be able to show himself in all his glory. Creating a supportive...Read More

Proper care for delicate calla lilies at home

If you have chosen such an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated flower as calla, home care involves following a certain set of rules. The main factors that have a beneficial effect on plant growth are light, warmth and a properly selected pot. In the process of growing, many more difficulties may arise, which can be circumvented...Read More

Proper care of a sundew at home

Perennial grasses of the Rosyankov family are grown as ornamental plants. They are valued by flower growers for their unusual appearance and ability to feed on insects. Sundew care at home is quite simple if it is possible to reproduce the natural habitat. It should be borne in mind that the halo of sundew habitat...Read More

Features of growing fittonia at home

Fittonia is a popular decorative leafy plant native to South America. It is appreciated by flower growers for the unusual and bright color of the leaves. As a room culture, two types are used: Vershafelt fittonia and Silver-veined. Their main difference is the color of the leaves and the demand for care.. Botanical description Fittonias...Read More

Interesting facts about plectrantus

Among decorative leafy indoor crops, the plectrantus plant is very popular among flower growers. It not only looks beautiful due to the interesting shape and color of the leaves, but it is also one of the most unpretentious flowers. Plectrantus calmly tolerates a missed watering if the owners suddenly forgot about it or unexpectedly left...Read More