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Flowers and Plants

Simple shefflera care at home

Over the past few decades, this decorative deciduous flower has gained immense popularity among flower growers around the world. Caring for a shefflera at home is simple. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of the plant among amateur flower growers.. Description of the flower At home, tree varieties are most often grown....Read More

Heliotrope marine: varieties, description, outdoor care

Among the plants that are very popular with gardeners and landscape design enthusiasts is the heliotrope marine. This is not surprising, because this flower is very beautiful. Due to its appearance, it will become a worthy decoration for any flower bed. In addition, it is rather picky about care, which is its indisputable advantage.. Description...Read More

Types of syngonium for home cultivation

In nature, there are several dozen varieties of syngonium inhabiting humid tropical areas. The types of syngonium for home cultivation are not so numerous. 5-6 varieties are cultivated all over the world, and an incredible variety of shapes and colors is created through the development of new varieties and hybrids. Syngonium podophyllum The most popular...Read More

Different ways of breeding Vriezia

The appearance of a new plant on the windowsill is always a memorable and very pleasant event! If the grower fell in love with vriezia, the methods of propagation of this plant will help not only to regularly replenish the collection, but also simply not to lose the bright indoor culture. Vriezia is a plant...Read More

Proper care for delicate calla lilies at home

If you have chosen such an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated flower as calla, home care involves following a certain set of rules. The main factors that have a beneficial effect on plant growth are light, warmth and a properly selected pot. In the process of growing, many more difficulties may arise, which can be circumvented...Read More

Garden design: planting and caring for edelweiss

Alpine star or edelweiss is a perennial plant that grows in mountainous areas on rocks, limestone layers, stone embankments. However, gardeners contrived to tame this amazing plant, so now planting and caring for edelweiss is not difficult even in a summer cottage. It reaches a height of no more than 30 cm, has a special...Read More