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Pet Grooming in December

When the days get shorter, the sun shines, but does not warm, the sky is often overcast, which means that winter has come. At this time of year, pets are especially in need of human care, and December is just the beginning of a difficult journey. Right now, summer residents are trying to do everything...Read More

How sunflower cake is used in the household

Sunflower cake must be included in the diet of farm animals. This product has a high energy value, since it contains up to 30-43% of crude protein, as well as about 15% of natural fats. As a result, the animal will feel full several times faster, which is quite beneficial for many farmers.. To achieve...Read More

How to use an ovoscope to check hatching eggs

The ovoscope is used to check the eggs at all stages of hatching. Depending on the type of bird, they are checked with different frequencies. How to use an ovoscope to separate eggs with defects in advance and immediately select the best specimens? This sampling is necessary to obtain the maximum hatching percentage from the...Read More

Learning to raise and care for goslings at home

Growing goslings at home is considered a profitable business. Adult birds are used for two purposes – for meat or for obtaining eggs. Chicks reach maturity in 4-6 months. From the first days, proper care is needed for them in order for the majority to survive. Novice poultry breeders need to remember the rules and...Read More

Pheasants at home: types of breeds, rules of care

Pheasants feel good at home and it is not very difficult to grow them. These are very beautiful birds, which are kept in private estates for decorative purposes. In farms, they can bring considerable profit, since the meat of this bird is used for food.. Pheasants at home: breeding and conditions of detention The bird...Read More

Feed additive Gammatonik for animals

The health of chickens of different breeds depends on proper nutrition. But since food is not able to provide the required amount of nutrients, a drug called Gammatonik should be used. This is a composition that is rich in various vitamins and minerals. If used correctly, chickens will have strong immunity and begin to develop...Read More