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Urban chic loft-style kitchens – 255+ (Photo) Industrial atmosphere

Loft interior design is an industrial approach to design that began as an efficient work environment. But over time, it has grown into functional houses or individual rooms in a house in this characteristic industrial style.. When organizing an effective space in the house, it is the style loft often used for the kitchen, where...Read More

TOP 5 most luxurious boutique hotels in Paris

If you are going on a romantic trip to France and are choosing a place to stay, then you should definitely pay attention to boutique hotels. These are not just fashionable soulless hotels. Each building is simply imbued with the spirit of history through and through and has its own rich past.. Staying at least...Read More

The style of modern kitchen design (210+ Photos) TOP-15 Most Spectacular

When choosing the style of kitchen design, you should show maximum attention, because the room should be beautiful and functional. Expert advice and photos of kitchen design styles will help you make a decision. More details later in the article. The main directions of styles Dozens of styles that exist today, differ in conceptual features,...Read More

Provence style in a modern interior: 335+ Photos of Beautiful designs for romantics and connoisseurs of France (in the hallway / living room / kitchen)

Provence style in the interior is a romantic design direction for those who see sophistication in simplicity. Provence is a romantic place on the Mediterranean coast. Beautiful landscapes, warm climate and the spirit of authentic France have served as inspiration for poets and artists for centuries. The naturalness of the interior design and the measured...Read More