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Children’s room

Wallpaper for the children’s room (70 photos)

Childhood is an important period in the life of every person, during which not only his physical shell is formed, but also his character, behavior model and tastes. Therefore, in the room where the child spends most of his growing up, everything must be perfect: from the materials used to the colors. Today we will...Read More

Stretch ceiling in the children’s room (65 photos)

Ceiling decoration is the most important stage in the design of any room. It largely depends on her how harmonious and complete the design will look. But, if in other rooms you can often limit yourself to light painting, then the nursery wants to be made special. One of the fastest and most convenient ways...Read More

Small children’s room: 50 beautiful design ideas

A small nursery is not a reason to despair. If you organize the space correctly, then everything that the child needs will fit in it. Our advice on decorating a small children’s room will help you visually expand the room, as well as decide on the choice of finishes, furniture and decor. Choosing a style...Read More

Design of a room for a teenager (60 photos)

The age from 13 to 17 years old is called transitional for a reason. During this period, children are rapidly changing – both externally and in terms of psychology, which means that the interior surrounding them must meet new needs. When creating a room design for a teenager, it is important to take into account...Read More

Design of a room for a teenage boy (70 photos)

The transitional age is a special stage in the life of children and their parents. It is in these years that the child is formed as a real person with his own principles, dreams, knowledge. It is possible to create a comfortable room design for a teenage boy if you follow some simple rules. It...Read More

Baby cots for newborns (75+ photos)

One of the first problems that parents-to-be face is buying furniture and things for a long-awaited child. This is especially true when choosing a bed in which the newborn spends most of the time. There are a lot of options that differ in design, size and configuration features: from the simplest cradle, which will have...Read More

Canopy for a cot (60 photos)

European aristocrats adopted the eastern tradition of protecting themselves from the hot sun with a fabric tent back in the Middle Ages, but thanks to the mild climate, the “Baghdad canopy” began to be used not outdoors, but mainly in bedrooms. Modern style ignores this detail of the interior, but in the department of goods...Read More

Small children’s room (90 photos): design ideas

Every caring parent wants to create the best living conditions for their child, so they assign him a separate, sometimes rather small, but personal room. The main task is to make it as comfortable as possible for the child to live, so you need to take into account many different nuances. Color, style, furniture, decorative...Read More