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What to do if broilers fall to their feet?

A large bird with powerful legs, it looks like a hardy hero. But this is an erroneous opinion – the first signs of the disease are manifested by the fact that broilers fall to their feet. Often this problem is eliminated by correcting errors in the content of the flock, but there are cases of...Read More

Symptoms and treatment of coccidiosis in broilers

Diseases associated with the pathogenic activity of bacteria and protozoa are very common in chickens. Coccidiosis in broilers is becoming a serious problem in poultry houses, and all poultry farmers should know the symptoms and treatment of this disease. The causative agent of coccidiosis is a genus of the simplest organisms Eimeria that enter the...Read More

Feeding day old and grown chickens

The correct keeping and feeding of chickens in the first days of their life determines how strong and healthy they grow up as a bird. For the internal organs and digestive system of chicks to begin to develop actively, they must be fed within 16 hours after hatching. The probability of survival of each chick...Read More

Breeds of laying hens for the backyard

Chickens in the economy of modern residents of villages and summer cottages are the most popular type of poultry. At the same time, laying hens prevail in poultry houses and on free grazing, egg-oriented breeds willingly supply seven fresh eggs, and young animals can be fattened for meat. Novice poultry farmers always face a choice...Read More

Raising, caring for and feeding broiler chickens

Speaking of broilers, we mean meat-oriented chickens, characterized by high growth rates, large size and excellent meat suitable for frying.. An increasing number of poultry farmers are interested in how to organize the raising, care and feeding of broiler chickens. And this is not surprising at all. In just 7-8 weeks, the bird grows to...Read More