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How to get an unusual healthy delicacy white honey

Not every lover of aromatic delicacies knows how white honey is obtained and what it is. It differs from other varieties not only in color, but also in composition, taste, aroma and useful properties.. What is white honey White honey is a nectar obtained by bees from pollen and belongs to the monofloral type. This...Read More

Why buckwheat honey is useful and how to get the most out of it

The benefits of bee honey are obvious: its indisputable benefits for the body, unsurpassed properties, unique composition make it one of the most useful products. Why is buckwheat honey useful? What distinguishes it from other varieties of this delicacy. How to properly introduce it into your diet to get the most benefit. All this is...Read More

Why linden honey is useful: arguments and facts

There are a huge number of natural remedies in the world aimed at strengthening the body’s immune system. However, the knowledge of what linden honey is useful for prompts people to use it more and more often. They like to spread the sweet liquid on bread or add to tea. Some people just like to...Read More

Karnika bees are an excellent choice for regions with short winters

The success of the beekeeper and the income of the apiary mainly depends on the breed of bees. Karnika bees are gaining popularity in Russia. They are perfect for regions with short winters and mild climates. Karnika excellent honey plants even where there are few flowering plants. A distinctive feature of the Karnika bees are...Read More

On the advantages of the design of the Berendey cassette pavilion

In modern beekeeping, various designs are used for the comfortable keeping of bees, helping to improve the quality of honey products, increase its quantity and simplify the work of the beekeeper. One of these structures is the Berendey cassette pavilion, designed for comfortable spring-summer wandering. It gained popularity due to its compactness, mobility, lightness, reliable...Read More

Step-by-step diagram of self-production of Apilift hive trolleys

The Apilift hive trolley is an irreplaceable “assistant” of the beekeeper, necessary when transporting hives. Moving bee houses by hand is extremely difficult. They are large and rather fragile, and their transportation should be as careful as possible so as not to disturb insects. Apilift forgives this job by helping to lift and unload beehives...Read More