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Bed sizes: single, one-and-a-half, double

When it comes to sleep, it is not enough just to choose a high-quality wooden bed, put an elastic mattress, covering this beauty with bed linen that is pleasant to the touch. It is important that vacationers can comfortably sit on its surface so that their legs do not hang down or the huge space...Read More

Double beds (70 photos): types and models

Sleep is a huge part of every person’s life. It is during proper rest that the body recovers its strength, draws energy and maintains good health. An important guarantee of a sound sleep is a comfortable bed, which has such criteria as softness, lightness and warmth. The double design is designed for couples in love,...Read More

Bedroom design in Khrushchev: 60 photo ideas

The bedroom in Khrushchev is usually one of the smallest rooms – its area can be as little as 6-10 sq.m. However, even such a compact room can be easily turned into a cozy and beautiful corner for sleeping, you just have to look at fresh design ideas and put the best of them into...Read More

Classic bedroom design (70 photos)

Despite many other options, the classics always remain at the peak of their popularity. Its harmonious atmosphere contributes to complete rest, gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. This is truly a royal choice for those who value comfort and stability. We invite you to see how luxurious the classic style looks in the interior...Read More

Bedroom design 10 sq.m. (+65 photo)

If you are faced with the task of renovating an apartment built in the last century, it is likely that it will contain a modest bedroom. Converting such a small space is quite feasible, although not easy. Nevertheless, designers find optimal solutions to the issue, which are rooted in a good choice of color palette,...Read More

Ideas to visually expand the space in the bedroom

A small room is usually allocated for a bedroom in an apartment. Since the room is small, and redevelopment is troublesome, the question arises of how to enlarge the bedroom using only visual methods. Let’s talk about how to design a bedroom in an apartment, make the room visually larger, what style and finish to...Read More

Bedroom design ideas 12 sq.m. (60+ photos)

Many people dream of a cozy bedroom in which they could gain strength for the day ahead and always “get up on their right foot.” But in conditions of small dimensions, you have to place all the necessary items in a rather modest space, remembering aesthetics at the last moment. We will try to dispel...Read More

Bedroom in the style of minimalism (+80 photos)

The bedroom is one of the coziest and most secluded places in the house. For prying eyes, it becomes a real secret, and for homeowners – an oasis of comfort, relaxation and tranquility. A minimalist bedroom design is the perfect choice, because soft lines, warm colors and dim lights can easily create the desired atmosphere...Read More