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Attic bedroom design: 85 photo ideas

Oh, these attics! How often, when building their own house, people lay down a lot of plans regarding the arrangement of the under-roof area. As a result, more often than not, the attic turns into an ordinary dump for mountains of things that do not seem to be needed, but it is a pity to...Read More

70+ White Bedroom Design Ideas (Photos)

A snow-white bedroom is undoubtedly a stylish and correct solution that will transform your room beyond recognition and give it unforgettable charm and harmony. The versatility of white allows it to be used for interior decoration in any style, from classic to loft. How exactly to dispose of shades of white in your favorite bedroom...Read More

Stretch ceiling in the bedroom (65 photos)

When designing the interior today, close attention is paid to such a seemingly inconspicuous detail as the ceiling. In addition to the standard putty, which does not strongly hide the flaws, suspended structures have a wide variety of visual options. Installation does not take much time, but not every owner can decide on the design...Read More

Wallpaper color for the bedroom (80 photos)

The bedroom is one of the most beloved rooms for every person. Here we can relax after a hard day, get a good night’s sleep and gain strength to deal with the new issues that the coming morning is preparing. In order for the rest to be truly complete, and the morning to be truly...Read More

Canopy bed (60 photos): types and models

The bedroom is the most intimate corner, where the whole environment should be conducive to maximum relaxation and quiet rest after hard days. Everything here should be selected taking into account personal preferences, the harmony of the furnishings and color schemes. A canopy occupies a worthy place in the bedroom. Once forgotten, it is reborn...Read More

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom: 60 photos and ideas

Today, wall murals have gained great popularity in interior design. They open up a lot of possibilities for creating original furnishings, which many experienced designers use with success. As for the bedroom, a special approach is needed here, since the room should maximally dispose to rest and good sleep. In our article we will consider...Read More

Scandinavian style bedroom design (65 photos)

Oddly enough, the Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom is in demand not only in countries where a cold climate prevails, but also in hot regions. This is not surprising, because the world’s love for functionality, sustainability and minimalism is growing every day. The main motives of this theme are an unusual combination...Read More