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Bathroom color combinations: 70 ideas

In interior design, even if you have the opportunity to embody your own fantasies and creativity, you can remain not entirely satisfied with the result. This often happens if the color palette is not well thought out, and being in a particular room begins to affect a person in a different way than he would...Read More

Bathroom sink (80 photos): types and models

A few decades ago, the equipment of the bathrooms of ordinary inhabitants could not boast of special sophistication and variety. Today, there are many models on the market that can transform an ordinary setting into a multifunctional and stylish one. A well-chosen bathroom sink will be a prime example. In addition to the fact that...Read More

Cabinet under the sink in the bathroom (80 photos)

A few decades ago, the design of the bathroom was not given much importance. As a rule, the rooms had a standard set of plumbing fixtures, typical finishes, which cannot be said about modern interiors. Today, in addition to plumbing accessories, great attention is paid to the choice of furniture, among which the vanity unit...Read More

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom (+65 photos)

Before the advent of stretch film, bathroom ceiling decoration was a huge problem. Due to high humidity and regular temperature changes, the painted surfaces quickly became covered with mold and small cracks, crumbled and required new repairs every year. But the modern stretch ceiling in the bathroom can retain its original appearance for decades, delighting...Read More

Small toilet design (80 photos)

Most often, in modern apartments and houses, you can see a kind of housing layout, in which the bathroom does not take up too much space. This approach is quite practical and rational. Despite the minimal size of the room, a small toilet can be decorated stylishly and comfortably. To do this, you need to...Read More

Design of a small bathroom (100 photos)

Creating a successful design for a small bathroom, so that everything is beautiful and functional enough is not an easy task. In this case, it is necessary to thoughtfully use a small area, take into account all the ergonomic functionality and combine the extremely necessary details of the situation. In addition, every person needs free...Read More

Bathroom design 3 sq.m. (100 photos)

Bathroom with an area of ​​3 sq.m. it is difficult to call it small – it is just tiny, which often causes complete disappointment among the owners. If you are reading this article, you are probably the “lucky” owner of such a bathroom. We hasten to assure our reader that there is no need to...Read More

Bathroom design ideas 2 sq.m. (80 images)

Small bathrooms, unfortunately, are quite common in old-style multi-storey buildings. Often they are very tiny, because previously the main goal was to provide living space for as many families as possible, and rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and corridors were left without proper attention. But do not despair – with a competent approach to the...Read More