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Design of a one-room apartment 30 sq.m. (60 photos)

An apartment of thirty “squares” is a common housing option for one or two people. Such a compact area has a number of advantages, from affordable prices to convenience in everyday life: everything you need is at hand. The professional design of a one-room apartment of 30 sq.m. will help to equip a cozy and...Read More

Design of a small apartment (+80 photos)

Home is a place where you want to feel safe and comfortable. But what if you have a cramped home with a small area, and the desire to live comfortably does not disappear? Don’t worry, the design of a small apartment can be pretty too! And the following 10 projects prove it as well as...Read More

Design of a three-room apartment (75 photos)

A three-room apartment is a standard housing option for a family of 3-5 people. As a rule, it includes a fairly spacious kitchen, technical rooms, a living room, a bedroom and a children’s room (or a second bedroom for adults). It is quite easy to cope with the design of such apartments, but practical tips...Read More

Design of a one-room apartment 40 sq.m.

Admiring huge houses with a chic design, while living in a small apartment, is a familiar situation to many. But the harsh reality is that not everyone can afford housing with a large area, giving preference to small spaces. Contemporary interior design continues to prove that this isn’t such a bad option. Even in a...Read More