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60+ ideas for planning a one-room apartment (photo)

Despite the modest area, apartments consisting of only one room are in great demand in the real estate market. This is an affordable housing option for young men and women who have left the parental home, young couples, as well as people of age. Using the recommendations of specialists, even for 30-40 sq.m. it is...Read More

Design of a one-room apartment 33 sq.m. (65 images)

In the case of rational planning, the area is 33 sq.m. may be enough for 1-2 people. Such a space will fit a small kitchen, a bathroom, a guest and sleeping area, a work desk. The stylish and thoughtful design of a one-room apartment of 33 sq.m. will help to ensure maximum comfort in every...Read More

Design of a studio apartment in Khrushchev (65 photos)

Redevelopment of an old small-sized apartment into a modern studio is, perhaps, the only possible way to at least slightly increase the area of ​​cramped rooms and give the home an elegant look. But after removing the partitions, many people are faced with a whole list of problems: which finish to choose, where to place...Read More

Redevelopment of an apartment in Khrushchev (75 photos)

The cramped, inconvenient layouts of the apartments, built during the Khrushchev era, still cause considerable discomfort to the owners. Their small size with walk-through rooms often necessitates re-planning to make housing more family-friendly. There are a variety of options that you can use to combine rooms to create large living spaces, or to radically redesign...Read More

65 zoning ideas for a studio apartment

When you have only one room at your disposal, you involuntarily forget about aesthetics, having occupied your head with the solution of primary tasks: where to put a double bed, how many square meters to allocate for a living room and where in all this chaos to find space for storage places? Not to mention...Read More

Apartment in the style of minimalism: 70 design ideas

The ascetic interior is the best solution for people who value space and laconicism. An uncluttered environment in neutral tones promotes complete relaxation and ease in carrying out daily activities. Even the smallest apartment in the style of minimalism seems visually larger – an achromatic palette and a small number of things can achieve this...Read More

High-tech apartment: 85 design ideas

Hi-tech is one of the most popular modern styles, combining functionality and minimalism. As a natural continuation of postmodernism, it is completely based on new technologies. This is reflected in the definition itself. Hi-tech or high technology is nothing more than high technology. It is distinguished from other directions by the complete absence of meaningless...Read More

Design of an apartment in a modern style (70 photos)

Like many other fields, interior design is influenced by fashion trends. The choice of shades and textures, shapes and lines, types of finishes and decor is constantly changing. This is facilitated by the emergence of innovative materials and technologies, which are developing especially rapidly in the 21st century. The design of the apartment in a...Read More