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Design of a two-room apartment (70 photos)

Small two-room apartments are a classic housing option for single people and families of 2-3 people. Despite their compact footprint, they can be quite comfortable. One has only to correctly distribute square meters by functionality and thoughtfully decorate the interior. Photo examples from this article will help you create a practical and beautiful design of...Read More

Provence style apartment design (68 photos)

Although the original French provincial style was primarily used in country houses, its gentle charm is increasingly capturing the hearts of the city’s inhabitants. Romantic, sophisticated, but at the same time very natural design of the Provence style apartment seems to be a real oasis among the gray concrete jungle. The ideas and photos presented...Read More

Design of a one-room apartment (105 photos)

Contemporary interiors continue to prove that there are no small spaces or bad layouts. All imperfections in space can be hidden using the principles of zoning, as well as by correctly choosing colors, decor and furniture. To inspire you, we’ve created a selection of 10 beautiful studio apartment designs. Happy viewing! 1. Interior design of...Read More

Scandinavian style apartment design (75 photos)

Northern Europe is a mysterious area, known to most except for its harsh climate and sagas about brave Viking warriors. The way of life of the Normans for a long time remained a mystery to foreigners, but with the spread of the Swedish furniture chain IKEA around the world, interest in their unassuming life flared...Read More

Loft style apartment design (100+ photos)

Luxury, pomp and an abundance of decor in the interior have been replaced by modern styles, which sometimes use unusual techniques and elements as means of expression. It would seem, what kind of comfort can we talk about in a space of exposed brick walls, wires or crossbars? But the design of a loft-style apartment...Read More

Design of a small apartment (90 photos)

To create an ergonomic and stylish design for a small apartment is a rather difficult task. Indeed, in a compact area, you need not only to place the necessary things, but also to maintain a balance of lines, proportions, shades. In order to achieve an ideal result with a minimum investment of time, resources and...Read More

75 ideas for studio apartment design

The design of a studio apartment is absolute freedom for the creativity of its owners. It seems to many that the absence of walls complicates the renovation of the premises. But actually it is not. It is in free space that it is easiest to create an interior that will ideally suit your lifestyle. In...Read More

Apartment design in classic style (85 photos)

Standing on the verge of a grandiose renovation, every owner of an apartment or a country house will certainly think about which style direction of design to give preference to. Despite the fact that modern trends are inclined towards minimalist ways of decorating living spaces, there are still quite a lot of fans of the...Read More