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Growing cucumbers hydroponically can get your attention

growing cucumbers in hydroponics Growing cucumbers hydroponically allows you to get a high yield in a short time. The method is suitable for use in home and greenhouse conditions without the use of soil. To obtain a positive result, it is worth considering the technological subtleties, pros and cons of the method..

Methods for growing cucumbers in hydroponics

cucumbers hydroponically in a greenhouse

The gardeners fell in love with the method due to its compactness, economy, and high yield. There are several methods for growing cucumbers hydroponically:

  1. Periodic flooding. The bottom line is that vegetables are planted on a porous substrate, into which they are poured with a solution enriched with useful microelements.
  2. Drip irrigation. It is used in closed rooms and without the addition of manure. The method consists in constructing a system of two connected containers, one of which is intended for the root system. Water with a nutritious liquid is poured into this dish. The method allows you not to use phytolamps.
  3. Floating platform. For planting cucumbers, special blocks of mineral wool are used, which are placed in containers with a nutrient composition. Using this method, you can protect the roots from decay..
  4. Aeroponics. In this case, potting soil is not required. The meaning of the technology lies in aerosol moistening of the root system with nutrient compounds. This method is only suitable for cultivation in specialized greenhouses..

To grow cucumbers hydroponically in greenhouse conditions, it is worth using periodic flooding. This method is more efficient, easy to install, allows for a large harvest and does not depend on the influence of external weather conditions..

Suitable varieties

hydroponic cultivar

For growing cucumbers in hydroponics, you should carefully consider the choice of variety. Suitable options are:

  1. Lilliput F1 variety is early maturing. Harvesting begins 1.5 months after the first shoots appear.
  2. Hybrid MediaRZ F1.
  3. Zozulya variety.
  4. Marfinsky.
  5. Long English.
  6. Alma-Atinsky 1.

Preference should be given to early maturing shade-tolerant varieties capable of self-pollination.

Conditions for growing crops

successful cultivation of cucumbers in hydroponicsGrowing cucumbers hydroponically at home is easy. Moreover, this method prevents the development of various diseases and decay in plants. It should be borne in mind that the culture loves free space, so no more than two seedlings can be placed in one container 1m * 1m.

The second important point is light. For increased exposure to lighting, you can take advantage of an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. If you follow the rules for preparing the solution, the growing process will be much faster and easier..

Solution components:

  • 0.25 g copper;
  • 0.25 g magnesium sulfate;
  • 1 g calcium;
  • 0.25 g sodium;
  • 0.75 g zinc;
  • 0.25 g potassium sulfate.

The optimal acidity level should be in the range of 5.5-6.

With a lack of useful elements in the culture, leaves will prevail, and not fruits..

Step by step technology

Vegetables grown in apartment conditions will have the same taste as cucumbers harvested from the garden, following the technology. It consists of several stages.

Sowing seeds

sowing cucumber seedsPrepare a cucumber hydroponic solution and saturate the cassette plugs with it. Place the seed in the center of the plugs. Thanks to the nutrients, germination will take place in a short time. To create optimal humidity, it is enough to pour a small amount of vermiculite on top and keep the air temperature within + 25 ° C. The seeds need to create a greenhouse effect by covering with polyethylene for three days.

Transplanting seedlings

Before transplanting the seedlings, the cubes are treated with the same solution as the cassettes. Weekly seedlings must be transferred together with the cork, lowering the temperature by a degree. The greater the distance between the cubes, the better the culture will develop. Cucumber seedlings should be in cubes for 45 days.

Planting seedlings

Before transplanting, hydroponic mats should be impregnated with a nutrient fluid, and small holes should be made in them. Which will play the role of drainage. The room temperature should be in the range of 22-25 ° С warm.

After waiting for the flowering of the seedlings and the formation of the stalk, it is necessary to remove the flowers up to the fifth leaf. In order for the root system to develop safely, it is necessary to observe temperature conditions of + 22 ° С.

Cucumber care rules

hydroponic cucumber careTo obtain a high-quality result, the crop must be looked after throughout the entire period from sowing to harvesting. This is not difficult. Until the first fruit is formed, the stalks must be regularly disposed of. The more cucumbers appear on the bush, the more careful control should be over the vegetation and generation process..

Watering includes drip irrigation throughout the day. Otherwise, the cucumbers will have a deformed shape. Optimum temperature indicators: on cloudy days from + 19 ° to + 22 °, sunny up to + 24 °. To avoid powdery mildew and botrytis, the room needs regular ventilation and maintaining humidity at 75%.

In case of insufficient sunlight, LED lamps will come to the rescue, which will ensure the full growth of vegetables..

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

hydroponic cucumber harvestWhen planning to make hydroponics for cucumbers with your own hands and collect a good harvest, you should carefully study all the pros and cons of the technological process.

The benefits include:

  1. Control over the intake of nutrients. The composition for hydroponic cucumbers is prepared independently and added to the water in the required quantities.
  2. The culture absorbs the necessary amount of liquid to ensure full growth.
  3. The root system is not hidden by the soil, which allows you to monitor its condition and maintain the required level of oxygen.
  4. Minimal risk of plant disease. As a result, there is no pesticide treatment, which has a positive effect on the taste and size of the fruit..
  5. Due to the high nitrogen content in the material, a lot of biological mass is produced.

The disadvantages of the method are also important to consider:

  1. The yield and health of a plant directly depends on caring for it. If the substrate for cucumbers is prepared without observing the established parameters, the death of the plant may occur. Nutrient and acidity levels must be observed.
  2. The temperature in the root zone should be at + 22-24 degrees. Exceeding these indicators will lead to the death of the root system.
  3. Hydroponics speeds up the process of growing vegetables, but is quite expensive.
  4. Not everyone can accept the use of plastic pipes and mineral salts.

If the listed disadvantages are not a problem, you can confidently grow cucumbers using this technology at home. With a little time and effort, you can enjoy delicious and nutritious vegetables at any time of the year. This is especially important in winter, when it is almost impossible to find pesticide-free cucumbers on store shelves..

The principle of hydroponics when growing cucumbers – video

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