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How to sprout carrot seeds quickly

Early harvest Early carrots are a storehouse of vitamins that are so essential in spring. But the seeds of this culture germinate slowly and can give weak shoots. In order for the carrots to sprout quickly and give a good harvest, it is necessary to carry out pre-sowing seed treatment. There are several options for preparing for planting carrots..

Germinating carrot seeds in a linen bag

Germination of carrot seeds This method is not the fastest, but it is less of a hassle. When thawed patches appear, bury a linen bag of seeds in the ground. Mark this place with something and cover it with snow. After 12-14 days, the germinated seeds are ready for planting. This method helps not only to accelerate the germination of carrot seeds, but also to harden them..

How to germinate in aerated water

This will require:

  • 3 liter jar;
  • aquarium aerator.

Fill the seeds with water in a jar and place an aerator (aquarium compressor) there. The constant access of air promotes the rapid germination of carrot seeds. Change the water every 12-14 hours. As soon as the seeds are nibbled, strain the contents of the jar through cheesecloth..

This procedure can be simplified by pouring the seed into a gauze bag and placing it in front of the nozzle of the oxygen compressor..

After 3-4 days, the seed is ready for planting. In case of bad weather, the seeds can be wrapped in damp gauze and a plastic bag. They will be stored in the refrigerator for several days..

Germination in a humid environment

Seed soakingLine the bottom of a wide bowl with toilet paper or gauze. Above – denser fabric. Sprinkle the seeds in a thin layer. Cover them with another layer of cloth and moisten liberally. Do not fill the seed with water. Excess moisture is very harmful, as it blocks the access of oxygen, which is necessary for the life of plants..

Cover the bowl with glass and place in a warm place (20-25 ° C). Moisture and warmth will speed up the germination process. Turn the seed carefully every 10-12 hours. This will provide oxygen access. After 2-4 days, the spiked seeds can be sown into the soil..

Accelerated germination of carrot seeds requires observation and attention to the appearance of the first shoots. As soon as the embryo breaks out, pecking the shell, roots appear. Young roots are very delicate and easily damaged when sowing. Monitor the condition of the seeds and sow as soon as they hatch. If the weather does not allow sowing immediately, the seed can be stored in the refrigerator as described above..

The use of growth stimulants

Germinating seedsA good effect is obtained by pre-sowing soaking of seeds in solutions of microelements. You can buy a ready-made universal set, which includes boron, magnesium, molybdenum, copper, iron, zinc, cobalt. For example, Kemira-wagon. Such a solution is diluted in warm water, the seeds are soaked in it. For sowing convenience, the seeds should be dried to a loose state..

An ancient folk remedy that teaches how to quickly germinate carrot seeds: put 2 tablespoons in 1 liter of warm water. wood ash and insist for two days. Carefully drain the infusion so that the sediment does not rise from the bottom. Put carrot or onion seeds in a gauze bag and place in the infusion. Withstand 8-10 hours. You can sow.

Modern agronomy offers a wide range of preparations that promote accelerated germination of carrot seeds and other crops. Some of them:

  • Energen. Dilute 10 drops in 0.5 l of water. The seeds are placed in a linen bag and in a container with a solution.
  • Bioglobin. Saturates plants with protein and vitamins, accelerating germination and fruiting.
  • Pennant. Accelerates seed germination and germination efficiency by 15-20%.
  • Gibberellin, Ecost, Thiourea, EPIN and other similar drugs.
  • Many agronomists consider the leaders in seedbed preparation Zircon and Albite. These drugs contribute to a sharp increase in seed germination energy and the percentage of their germination.

If special preparations are not available to you or you do not have the opportunity to pay enough attention to pre-sowing treatment, you can accelerate the germination of carrots in faster ways..

How to speed up the germination of carrots with simple means

Steaming seedsFill with hot water.

It is best to use a thermos for this. If not, pour the seeds into a glass jar and wrap them well to keep warm. The water temperature should be between 45 and 55 ° C. The duration of such processing is 30 minutes..


This is a simple folk way. In a plastic bucket, make a wire frame with legs (stand). Cover it with nylon (old tights). You can simply use a tea strainer by creating a stand for it. Pour seeds into a strainer, place it in a bucket. Pour hot water there so that it does not reach the seeds. Close the bucket tightly with a lid and leave overnight. The germination rate of seeds increases several times.

Soak overnight.

This is the most common and affordable way to prepare seeds. Before planting, carrot seeds can be filled with water and left in a warm place. They should swell well in a day. The next day you can sow. In this case, for rapid germination of seeds, water the beds abundantly every day for several days..

Use vodka.

To speed up germination, soak the carrot seeds in vodka before planting. The seeds of this vegetable are high in essential oils that slow down germination. Alcohol helps these oils evaporate. To cleanse the seeds, it is enough to hold them in vodka for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse the gauze bag with seeds thoroughly under running water..

Hydrogen peroxide or potassium humate.

Soaking the seed for 20 minutes significantly increases the germination rate of seeds and by a third the percentage of germination of carrots. Dilute sodium humate, focusing on color. In terms of intensity, the solution should be similar to black tea (if you brew a glass of tea with one bag). Hydrogen peroxide for soaking is applied at a concentration of 0.5%.

Three-year-old aloe juice stimulates growth

Fast friendly shootsAloe juice stimulates plant growth well. Leave the leaf from which you will squeeze the juice in the refrigerator for several days. Please note that the aloe tree must be at least three years old. For accelerated germination of seeds, prepare a solution of 10-15 drops of this juice and 0.5 liters of water. The same solution can be used to water indoor plants..

Preparing seeds for planting – video

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