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When to harvest carrots for the winter for long-term storage

when to harvest carrots Vegetables from your own garden are always much cleaner, more environmentally friendly than store vegetables. It is necessary to decide when to remove carrots in advance so as not to overexpose vegetables and preserve their useful properties. It is not difficult to find out the right time for harvesting, you just need to take into account some of the nuances.

Fundamental rules

When choosing the right time, you should rely on:

  • weather;
  • variety of carrots;
  • growing region;
  • plant appearance.

The task of the gardener, if he wants to save the harvest, is to have time to collect the carrots before the first cold weather. It is advisable not to wait for the rainy season, from which the vegetable can rot and die. As a rule, if the root crop was planted with seeds from the package, it says on it when to remove the carrots from the garden for storage, depending on the time of planting.

Approximate terms:

Early for 80-90 days
Mid-season for 115-130 days
Late for 140-150 days

When to harvest early carrots

early ripening carrots These varieties mature by July if planted in May. It is harvested gradually, added to dishes immediately, and rarely stored in winter. Such carrots are thin and fragile and lose their properties during storage. Root vegetables are ground in mashed potatoes, juice is made from them. It is more convenient to store them ready-made. Early varieties are suitable for baby food, can be fed raw.

When to harvest mid-season and late carrots

harvesting carrotsAfter the onset of the first cool days, it is recommended to keep the roots in the ground for a few more days. The temperature difference has a beneficial effect on the immunity of vegetables. They accumulate vitamins, become firm and juicy. After that, they can be stored longer.

Mid-season and late varieties can not be removed from the garden until mid-September – early October, if there is no severe frost. It is necessary to focus on the temperature in the atmosphere, if the roots are overexposed, they risk getting sick and rotting. The temperature on the thermometer must remain positive.

If harvesting is delayed, carrots will become sluggish and dry..

How to determine by external signs

when to store carrotsIf there was no packaging from under the seeds, then you will have to use the old folk methods.

There are several main signs by which you can understand when it is time to remove carrots from the garden for the winter:

  1. The tops turn yellow. This is especially true of the lower leaves. They become sprawling.
  2. Take out a few copies to check. If they have reached the declared size, then it’s time to harvest..
  3. A sure sign of maturation is the appearance of additional lateral roots. This means that the carrots are ready to give seeds and are already completely ready for harvest..

Ready-made root crops can be simply harvested by manually pulling out the tops if the soil is loose. For oily soil, you will need a shovel to dig out vegetables..

If carrots are not removed from the garden in time, they lose their useful properties. Will become dry, not edible.

Carrot readiness for harvesting by region

juicy ripe carrots

The terms of storage and harvesting in the regions of the country differ, you should also pay attention to this:

  1. In the middle lane. In most cases, the collection takes place by mid-October. Start in September, after the 20th. To determine the exact timing of when to remove carrots from the garden in the fall, you need to wait for dry weather, without rain.
  2. Ural. The sun in this region does not warm up for long, late varieties are almost never planted, they do not have time to grow. If planted towards the end of spring, harvest at the end of summer.
  3. Siberia. Only varieties adapted to climatic conditions grow here. The root crop matures on average 100 days. Harvesting falls in late August – early September.
  4. Leningrad region, Udmurtia, Nizhny Novgorod region. Early varieties are harvested in early August, late ones at the end. You should focus on the weather conditions and the condition of the carrots. If it rained often in the summer, then the dates are postponed to early or mid-September..

If the crop is harvested ahead of time, the root crop will not have time to absorb nutrients and vitamins. Carrots will not be sweet, they will become bland and bitter.

How to properly harvest carrots

rules for harvesting carrotsCarrots need to be harvested correctly to ensure that your vegetable growing efforts are not in vain. Then it can be stored for a long time..

How and when to harvest carrots, subtleties:

  1. If collection is scheduled for the coming days, watering is stopped in advance. Best period to complete 1-2 weeks before day X.
  2. We must wait for the onset of dry weather, without rain. If carrots are pulled out of dry ground, they will last longer..
  3. According to the lunar calendar, the best harvest time is the waning moon.
  4. If the carrots are medium-sized or small, they are pulled out without any tools at hand, right behind the tops. Larger specimens are taken out with a shovel so that they are not damaged..
  5. Root crops after harvesting must remain intact. Otherwise, they will be attacked by microbes and will not last long..
  6. After the carrots have been removed, you must immediately cut the tops. Either leave 5 mm, or remove completely, otherwise the fruits will become flabby over time. You can’t cut off, cut with a knife.
  7. If there is a lot of soil on the root crops, it must be dried and shaken off. After that, give them another day in the shade. After going through, remove unhealthy copies or damaged ones.
  8. If the carrots are frozen, it is not recommended to leave them for storage. It will quickly deteriorate and will not retain any useful properties..

In order not to confuse the time of digging root crops for winter storage, remove it from the soil and try it. If the carrot is ripe and juicy, you can harvest.

How are carrots stored in winter

storage of carrots in packagesIn a private house, carrots are stored in the cellar during the winter – this is an ideal dark and cool place. Ventilation is mandatory.

But not everyone has a cellar; in the apartment, orange root crops are stored like this:

  1. Plastic bag. Dried carrots are placed in a bag and tied tightly. Make holes for ventilation and put them in the refrigerator.
  2. Box. The carrots must be dry. They are laid in rows, covered with sand. In addition to sand, chalk chips, sawdust, and pine needles are used. There are modern substances that sprinkle root crops in boxes for the winter: perlite, vermiculite.storage of carrots in boxes

Another storage option on the site is a pit. Root crops are placed there in even layers, covered with grass on top.

storage in sawdustIf you choose the perfect time to harvest your carrots, properly stacked root vegetables can be stored throughout the winter without losing their beneficial properties. To prevent them from frostbite in the basement, the boxes should be placed at a height (on the shelves). Some gardeners leave carrots planted for the winter. This is not the best way to store, only suitable for the southern regions.

When to harvest carrots and how to store – video

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