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Terekhin’s method of growing tomatoes – features and benefits

Terekhin's method of growing tomatoes The Terekhin’s method of growing tomatoes has become the subject of heated discussions on the network. Its author, Lyudmila Terekhina from Ulyanovsk, successfully uses her own recommendations and grows tomatoes for the family and for sale. Her instructions contain recommendations for preparing seeds, growing and picking seedlings, caring for adult plants. Some summer residents find this method effective and follow each point exactly, but most use only some of them..

Seed preparation and seedling growing

planting tomato seeds The first point of the Terekhin’s method for growing tomatoes is the preparation of seeds. They are laid out according to varieties, especially considering the timing of planting. Only whole seeds are suitable for seedlings, without signs of disease and damage..

They should be processed in several stages:

  • soak in an ash solution (pour 2 tablespoons of wood ash with boiling water and leave for a day) for 3 hours;
  • place in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes, rinse with water and put in prepared cloth bags;
  • treat with the drug “Epin”;
  • put in the refrigerator for a day.

Lyudmila Terekhina recommends storing seeds in special tissue bags. They should indicate the variety and planting dates..

Landing dates

To determine the most suitable day for sowing seeds for seedlings, you should use the lunar calendar. The procedure is carried out on the waning moon – during this period, the root system of plants develops well. In addition, the moon should be in Scorpio – this will protect the seedlings from most diseases and pests. The approximate sowing period is February.

According to the Terekhin’s method of growing tomatoes, it is important to choose the right soil for sowing seeds and growing seedlings. Its authors recommend Terra Vita, which can be found in specialized stores. Seeds are laid in the ground, after spilling with a hot solution of potassium permanganate. It is recommended to put a layer of snow on top of the ground, wait until it melts and leave the containers warm for 5 days.

When the seedlings appear above the soil surface, they can be hardened by moving them closer to the light during the day and to the floor at night..

Seedling picking

strong seedlingsIn March, when 2 leaves appear on the plants, you can start the picking process. It is necessary to prepare in advance small containers with a volume of 100 ml, which are also covered with Terra Vita soil. According to the Terekhin method, a tough picking of tomatoes is used – a method that stimulates the rapid growth of seedlings and increases the chances of its rapid adaptation in the open field.the process of picking tomato seedlings

It is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • cut off seedlings under the cotyledon leaves with scissors;
  • leave the root in an old container, and place the aboveground part in a previously prepared glass with soil;
  • water the seedlings and place them in a dark place;
  • after 2 days, move the containers to the light and treat them with Epin for tomatoes;
  • when a new root system grows and the tomatoes become cramped in small glasses – you can move them to 200 ml containers.

The main explanation why you need to cut the roots when diving is protection against late blight. The disease is of fungal origin and can completely destroy the tomato crop. The author of the technique claims that in most cases, infection occurs precisely at the time of the pick, if you leave the root of the plant and add organic fertilizers (humus). Seed treatment and proper drug use are also important..

Unlike the standard methods of picking tomatoes, the Terekhin method involves a complete pruning of the roots. The author’s practice confirms that all plants survive and form a new, more powerful root system..

Seedling care

seedling careAfter cutting the tomato seedlings, their roots grow back stronger. In addition, this method reduces the likelihood of infection with late blight and does not allow the plants to grow strongly..

However, tomatoes need regular care, and the authors of the technique are ready to share their professional secrets:

  • watering seedlings should be carried out only with melt water, if there is no snow, ordinary rain will do;
  • the first glasses should be no more than 100 ml in volume, so that the plants do not rush to grow;
  • Epin solution is used to process seedlings every 10 days;
  • Athlete – plants can also be treated with this drug so that they do not grow too tall;
  • regular loosening is also necessary for the proper development of tomatoes.

An important aspect of caring for seedlings is hardening them. Plants must get used to natural light and temperature changes, so it is recommended to rearrange them on the floor at night and turn off any light sources.

Transplant and outdoor care

good harvestThe Terekhin’s method for growing tomatoes contains instructions on how to properly plant seedlings in open ground and how to care for adult plants. Even in early spring, when snow remains in the beds, it is necessary to sprinkle copper sulfate on the selected area. The day before planting seedlings in open ground, it remains to prepare the holes and pour the Metranidazole solution into them. The medicine is sold in tablets, it is enough to add 4 tablets to a bucket of water. The solution is poured at the rate of 1 liter per 1 well. You can also add a spoonful of sand and preparations “Kemir” or “Fertika”. These activities will allow you to forget about late blight and grow a healthy crop..

Further care for tomatoes will include the following procedures:

  • feeding with the preparation “Baikal”;
  • constant loosening of the soil, but without hilling;
  • creating a reliable support for plants;
  • shaping bushes into two stems, removing unnecessary brushes (6 is the maximum amount that can be left).

Lyudmila Terekhina advises choosing the right tomato predecessors. So, it is best to plant them on the beds on which white cabbage grew in the previous year..

Users note that the Terekhin method is not a new method of growing tomato seedlings, and they knew similar secrets many years ago. However, few people argue about the effectiveness of this instruction. Most agree that tomatoes are large, juicy and ripe, show high yields..

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