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“Waterfall” of Niagara tomatoes on a summer cottage garden

tomato niagara The Niagara tomato is one of the new varieties of Russian selection, which has gained popularity among lovers of plum tomatoes. The variety pleases vegetable growers with a plentiful harvest of delicious cream fruits, which are excellent for fresh consumption and preparation of winter preparations..

Tomato Niagara – features of the variety

tomato Niagara of Siberian selection Tomato Niagara is the result of selection work by specialists of the Siberian agro-technical firm “Agros”. In 2010, the plum tomato variety was entered in the State Register and zoned for cultivation in greenhouse conditions and open soil with an obligatory garter to the supports..

Description of Niagara tomato:

  1. The variety belongs to medium early, the first fruits can be harvested 110-115 days after the emergence of sprouts.
  2. Plants are indeterminate, compact, reach 160-185 cm in height and require an obligatory garter to the support.
  3. The root system is powerful and spreading.
  4. Medium Plates, Standard Green.
  5. During fruiting, the shoots are abundantly covered with brushes with 12-15 oblong fruits.
  6. The average weight of ripe fruits is 80-120 g. The pulp is firm and firm, without wateriness. They have a dense skin that protects the fruit from cracking and ensures long-term storage of the harvested crop..tomatoes ripen

One of the advantages of the variety is the consistently high yield of the Niagara tomato – regardless of the weather changes, the summer resident will be able to collect 8-10 kg of ripe cream from each bush.

Rules for growing tomato Niagara

tomato niagara in the greenhouseNiagara tomatoes are grown in seedlings. You can start sowing seeds for seedlings in mid or late March – in this case, already in May, the grown seedlings can be transplanted to a permanent place.

The seeds of Niagara tomatoes are not very germinating, so they must be prepared for better germination. To do this, soak the seed for 1.5-2 hours in a solution of potassium permanganate, then in a growth stimulator – Epin, Zircon, Heteroauxin. According to vegetable growers, this helps to increase yields by at least 35%..

Sowing seeds for seedlings

sowing tomato NiagaraThe soil for growing seedlings also needs to be prepared. To do this, the nutrient substrate must be calcined in the oven, then spilled with boiling water, or better with a solution of potassium permanganate.

How to sow Niagara tomato seeds for seedlings:

  1. Pour the prepared soil mixture into seedling containers. Peat cups or tablets can be used to protect seedlings from fungal diseases..
  2. Moisten the soil with a spray gun and poke grooves or small holes up to 1 cm deep on the surface.
  3. Place seeds in grooves or pits, sprinkle with a thin layer of soil.
  4. Spray crops with a spray bottle and cover with plastic wrap or glass to create a greenhouse effect.
  5. Place the container with crops in a warm and well-lit area. Make sure that the air temperature does not fall below + 25 ° С.tomato seedlings

After the first shoots appear, the film cover must be removed. When 2-3 true leaves are formed, tomato seedlings can be dived into separate containers.

Transplanting seedlings to a permanent place

Before transplanting tomato seedlings, the area in the beds or in the greenhouse must be prepared – dug to a depth of 25-30 cm and fertilize. To do this, you can use humus or peat, which are embedded in the soil when digging..

You can also use superphosphate (15-20 g per bush) or urea (10 g per 5 L of water). Tomato bushes are transplanted according to the scheme 40×70 or 40×120 cm.

The intricacies of caring for Niagara tomatoes

tomato carePlanting and caring for Niagara tomatoes have their own subtleties and features that help to get a high yield of delicious plum tomatoes.

Basic rules of care:

  1. Niagara tomatoes require the obligatory formation of 2-3 stems. The stepchildren pinch immediately after reaching a size of 4-6 cm. It is advisable to pinch it every 2 weeks – this will increase the yield of the vegetable crop.
  2. The frequency of watering depends on the weather conditions, usually Niagara tomatoes need to be moistened every 6-7 days. You need to water the bushes in the early morning or evening, pouring 2-3 liters under each plant. Care must be taken that water does not get on the stems and leaves..
  3. The first feeding is carried out 11-13 days after transplanting the seedlings to a permanent place. For this, nitrogen-containing compounds are used, for subsequent dressings – potassium and phosphorus. During the growing season, Niagara tomatoes are fed at least 3-4 times.

high yielding plum tomatoNiagara is a new plum tomato variety bred by Russian breeders. Despite its young “age”, it has already gained wide popularity among summer residents due to its unpretentious cultivation, consistently high yield in all weather conditions and excellent taste of cream fruits.

Tasting tomato Niagara – video

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