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Why is the Mongolian dwarf tomato variety so unique?

tomato Mongolian dwarf The Mongolian dwarf tomato is one of the brightest and most original representatives of amateur selection. This super-determinant variety attracts the attention of vegetable growers with its surprisingly high yield – during the fruiting period, small creeping bushes, the height of which does not exceed 25-30 cm, are literally strewn with large and juicy fruits. These qualities, combined with ease of cultivation and unpretentious care, have made the Mongolian dwarf variety popular among summer residents who own small backyard plots..

Mongolian dwarf tomato – features and benefits of the variety

high-yielding creeping variety Mongolian dwarf The tomato variety Mongolian dwarf is considered the result of the work of amateur breeders from Novosibirsk. Today, the variety has not yet been included in the State Register of Russia, but has already gained wide popularity among vegetable growers due to its unique characteristics and the ability to set a large number of fruits weighing up to 200 g..

Low creeping tomato bushes are great for growing in small backyards, as they do not take up much space.

Description of the tomato variety Mongolian dwarf:

  1. The height of the superdeterminate bush does not exceed 20-30 cm, due to which it is considered the lowest growing variety.
  2. In the process of growth, the bush grows over the surface of the soil, forming new stepchildren. Thanks to this, the width of the bush can reach 80-100 cm..
  3. Stems are fragile, thin, often break under the weight of ripe fruits.
  4. The leaf plates are small and narrow, pubescent, dark green in color.
  5. Fruits are round, regular in shape, weighing up to 170-200 g. The taste is pleasant, sweet and sour.
  6. The Mongolian dwarf has a good yield – up to 8-10 kg from each bush. Moreover, its fruiting lasts until the first frost..
  7. The variety belongs to the early maturing – the first crop can be harvested within 80-90 days after transplanting the seedlings to a permanent place.

Mongolian dwarf is intended for cultivation in open soil. The main difficulty in growing the variety is that its seeds are considered rare. They are very difficult to find in gardening stores, they can only be ordered online or from private sellers..

Growing Tomato Mongolian Dwarf

growing tomato Mongolian dwarfTomato cultivation technology Mongolian dwarf is no different from the standard tomato cultivation technology. The plant can be grown in a seedling and non-seedling way. Direct sowing directly into the ground is used in southern regions with a warm climate. Seeds are sown 3-5 seeds in planting holes, after which they are abundantly watered. After the appearance of 3-4 real leaves, the soil must be loosened, and the beds thinned out, tearing out all the thin and weakened bushes.

In regions with a cool climate, a seedling method of growing is more preferable. Seeds for seedlings are sown 55-60 days before transplanting mature seedlings into open soil – around the end of February.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

tomato seedling Mongolian dwarfTomato seeds Mongolian dwarf must first be prepared. They should be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, then soaked and germinated in a napkin.

Seed sowing scheme for seedlings:

  1. To grow seedlings, use slightly acidic sandy soil or a special substrate for tomatoes, spilling it with a solution of potassium permanganate in advance.
  2. Pour the prepared substrate into a container or other container.
  3. Make small pits or grooves on the surface of the soil up to 1 cm deep.
  4. Sow seeds into holes or grooves, leaving a distance of 2 cm between them.
  5. Sprinkle crops with a thin layer of soil and water abundantly.
  6. Cover with plastic or glass and place in a warm and lighted area until germination. Usually the first shoots can be seen in 5-7 days..

After the formation of 3-4 true leaves, the seedlings can be dived into separate containers. After 50-60 days – transplant to a permanent place.

tomato Mongolian dwarf in an open gardenThe site for planting tomatoes The Mongolian dwarf needs to be prepared in the fall – dig up and fertilize with superphosphate with potassium salt and ammonium sulfate (50 g, 25 g and 20 g). Seedlings are planted in holes located at a distance of 50-55 cm.

Rules for caring for the Mongolian dwarf variety

features of caring for tomatoes

Planting and caring for tomatoes of the Mongolian dwarf variety consists of simple standard agrotechnical measures:

  1. Watering – no more than once every 6-7 days, the variety does not tolerate excess moisture.
  2. After each watering and rain, the soil around the bushes must be loosened – this will prevent the appearance of a dense crust that impedes the supply of oxygen to the roots..
  3. Top dressing – carried out three times during the growing season. The first is 15 days after planting the seedlings in a permanent place, the second before the formation of fruits, completing another 15 days. To do this, you can use ammonium nitrate, superfasphat, as well as organic matter – bird droppings, rotted manure, wood ash or nettle..

Mongolian dwarf is a new undersized tomato variety that attracts the attention of vegetable growers with its original characteristics and consistently high yield. The variety is undemanding to care for and, with minimal care, will delight you with a generous harvest of tasty and large fruits..

Creeping tomato Mongolian dwarf – video

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