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Tomato variety Visibly invisible for a rich early harvest in the greenhouse or garden beds

tomato variety visible and invisible

Tomato variety Apparently invisibly – one of the new developments of the Russian agricultural company Aelita. It was listed in the general registry in 2018, but has already gained popularity. Pink tomatoes are valued for their ease of care, early fruiting, high yield rates and fruit taste. They can be grown outdoors or in greenhouses and then used for salads and summer vegetable dishes.

Features of the variety

high yielding tomato variety

Apparently-invisibly – a determinant variety. This means that the shrub is compact and does not grow more than 60–100 cm in height. However, this does not affect the number of fruits. Productivity of tomato Apparently invisibly higher than average – up to 3.5 kg of tomatoes per plant. The bushes are very sprawling, with a large number of ovaries, while they do not take up much space.

The variety is early ripe, from the moment the first shoots appear to harvest, it takes from 80 to 120 days. The fruiting period will be extended, so fresh tomatoes will be on the table in July and August. They are round, large, weighing up to 120 g. The fruits have a dense peel of a red-pink hue, which does not crack during storage and transportation. The pulp is juicy, bright red, with a sweet aftertaste. Tomatoes are great for salads and vegetable cuts, they are recommended for fresh consumption.

Growing at home

growing tomato

Tomatoes can be grown in a vegetable garden, in open beds, or in a greenhouse. In the first case, it is necessary to prepare the seedlings in advance in order to have time to plant them in the ground in time. The yield of the bushes, as well as the taste and size of the fruits, largely depend on proper care..

Tomato variety Probably invisibly propagated by seeds. They can be prepared independently, from ripe fruits, and used for planting next year..

Growing seedlings and planting

from seeds to fruiting tomatoes

They begin to prepare for growing tomatoes in the second half of March. It is during this period that you need to have time to sow seeds for seedlings, so that by the time of warming, the plants can be transplanted into open ground. This will require dry seeds, a wide but shallow container and soil. You can take store soil or mix peat with black soil in equal proportions.

Then follow the instructions:

  1. Fill the containers with soil, moisten it and place the seeds at a distance of 5-6 cm from each other, at a depth of 1-1.5 cm. Cover the box with plastic wrap and leave at 20 degrees in the sun.
  2. The first shoots will appear in a week. Remove the plastic and leave the container warm. Seedlings need at least 12 hours of sun per day, so use a lamp. Moisten the soil regularly, keep it dry.
  3. When the first 2 leaves appear, a pick is needed. Remove weak, non-viable, damaged plants so that healthy specimens grow and develop faster.
  4. Start hardening the seedlings 2 weeks before transplanting. Place the container on a balcony or outside, or ventilate it on a windowsill. Gradually increase the time the plants are in the fresh air.

In open ground, seedlings can be planted 50-60 days after germination.

To do this, pre-prepare the site, clear it of weeds and add organic fertilizers. Plant no more than 4 plants per square meter.

Plant care

greenhouse tomato care

Proper care is the main condition for good yield and high taste of tomatoes..

There are several conditions that are important to fulfill when growing this variety:

  1. Watering is regular. Before flowering, water the plants with 3.5-4 liters of water per 1 bush. Then you can reduce the amount to 2 liters per bush, and increase again during fruiting..
  2. Top dressing is necessary for plants. When planting, add organic fertilizers (manure or humus), and then apply mineral fertilizing according to the schedule. For tomatoes, it is important to get the required amount of potassium and phosphorus (at least 30 g per application) from the beginning of flowering.
  3. Pasynkovanie – removal of additional shoots. This is necessary so that the stems do not break under the weight of the crop. It is recommended to keep bushes in 2-4 stems. Perform the procedure every week, removing new shoots.
  4. Additional conditions – tomatoes need support. Fruits grow in heavy clusters and stems can break in windy weather. Be sure to tie the bushes to sturdy wooden stakes..
  5. Treatments for diseases and pests are carried out, if necessary, with insecticides or fungicides. The variety is highly resistant to phyto-diseases. Treatments must be stopped 3 weeks before harvest.

When growing tomatoes, apparently invisibly in the open field, they reach no more than 50-60 cm in height. They can grow up to 1 m in greenhouses.

Benefits of the variety

delicious juicy tomato fruits Visibly invisible

Probably invisibly – a young tomato variety that has gained popularity. It is grown both for fresh consumption and for conservation and for sale. Before buying and growing, it is worth not only studying the description of the tomato Apparently invisibly, but also comparing it with other determinant varieties.

It has several advantages:

  • high yield rates – up to 15 kg per square meter (on average – from 5 to 7 kg);
  • resistance to phyto-diseases and pests;
  • fast ripening of fruits – from 80 to 100 days under favorable conditions;
  • good taste of tomatoes – sweet tomatoes with a dessert flavor;
  • the mass of tomatoes is from 150 to 180 g each, in large clusters;
  • high resistance to transportation – dense skin does not crack during transportation.

Tomatoes of the variety are seemingly invisibly compact, easy to care for, while high-yielding and demonstrate excellent taste. The fruits are large, sweet, juicy, well complement any dishes. In addition, they are easy to store and do not crack during transportation, thanks to their dense skin. The bushes should be placed on the site or grown in a greenhouse – with proper care, they will yield a rich harvest every year.

We grow a tomato variety Visibly invisible for long-term storage – video

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