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The large-fruited variety of tomato Khlebosolnyi will take its rightful place in your beds

hospitable tomato variety

Previously, large-fruited tomatoes in Siberia and other areas of risky farming could only be grown in greenhouses. Now cultivars with large fruits have appeared, which manage to not only ripen in the short summer, but also gain sweets, for example, the Khlebosolny tomato variety. It was adopted by the State Register in 2006, it is included in the “Siberian collection” of vegetables resistant to adverse weather factors with excellent taste, created by the agricultural firm “Siberian Garden” under the leadership of V. N. Dederko.

Characteristics of the Bread Salted Tomato

small bushes of tomatoes

Baked Salted is one of the best varieties that form a small bush and produce large, sweet tomatoes. Grown throughout Russia and neighboring countries, recommended for amateur gardeners and small farmers.

Tomato variety Hlebosolny can be planted under a film, in greenhouses or open ground in all regions.

What does a plant look like

low bushes of tomato varieties hospitable

The bush is determinate, the height depends on the climate, soil and top dressing. Usually reaches:

  • in the garden – 80 cm;
  • in greenhouses – about 1 m.


  • spreading;
  • with thick shoots;
  • there are few stepsons;
  • leaves are medium, with narrow lobes, slightly wrinkled.

Tomato variety Bakery in the open field can be grown without pinching, but with the obligatory garter.

Fruit characteristics

hospitable tomato cutaway

The tomato forms a simple flower cluster, each containing up to 5 ovaries. Fruit size information varies:

  • in the State Register, a mass is declared from 116 to 200 g;
  • “Siberian Garden” in the description of the variety gives figures of 360-600 g;
  • gardeners claim they manage to grow 1 pound tomatoes.

large tomato fruits

And everyone gives true information:

  • if Khlebosolny is not pinned, the tomatoes will be simply large, collected from the upper brushes will even crawl into the jar;
  • when 2-3 shoots are left on the bush, the remaining lateral branches are plucked out, the fruits are enlarged;
  • even larger tomatoes will grow when kept in 1-2 trunks and rationing of the ovaries;
  • giant tomatoes in 600-1000 g can be obtained by leaving 2-3 brushes and pinching their tips.

The total harvest from a bush does not depend on whether 30 fruits ripen on it, 10 or 5. The weight of the tomatoes themselves changes – the more, the fewer ovaries left by the owners.

Other characteristics of Khlebosolny tomatoes:

  • color – red;
  • nests – at least 4;
  • shape – flat-round, unequal;
  • surface – varying degrees of ribbing, large fruits strongly pronounced, small ones almost smooth;
  • fleshy pulp;
  • the taste is sweet;
  • the skin is dense;
  • purpose – salad variety.

On the lower brushes, fasciation (double flowers) is possible. It is from them that strongly deformed tomatoes grow with a dark corky spot on the top of the head. But this is typical for most large-fruited tomatoes, it does not affect the taste. The cause of the problem is temperature fluctuations when laying the first inflorescences.

Fruiting and productivity

high-yielding variety hospitable

This is a mid-season variety. From germination to the first colored fruits, 115-120 days pass. Tomatoes ripen well regardless of the region and agricultural technology, but the yield depends on this. In the open field, it ranges from 3.8 kg to 8.3 kg per square meter. m.

The yield of marketable ripe fruits is 83%, which is an excellent result for large-fruited varieties prone to fasciation.

Ripe tomatoes plucked from a bush are stored not too long. If they are going to be sent to the market, they need to be harvested a little immature – so keeping quality and transportability significantly increase.

Salted bread is good in fresh salads and vegetable cuts. If the harvest is large, it can be processed, except for whole-fruit canning. Tomato juice is sweet and thick.

Tomato variety Khlebosolny, planting and care features

tomato seedlings

Seeds of Hlebosolny have good germination, they can be harvested by yourself. Sowing for seedlings is done 50-60 days before disembarkation.

landing in open ground

Move to a permanent place when the soil warms up:

  • up to 10 ° С – for greenhouses;
  • at least 15 ° С – when landing in open ground.

The breeder recommends a planting density of 3-4 bushes per sq. m. So the bushes are better ventilated, it is easier to care for them..

pinching tomatoes

It is not necessary to grow the variety, but if the owners want to grow large fruits, this will have to be done. It is necessary to tie up the Bread Salt – under the weight of the harvest, the shoots bend, lie on the ground, or break.

Watering is needed moderate, but regular. Top dressing – at least 4 times per season:

  • into the ground when landing;
  • after 10-14 days;
  • after the extension of the second hand;
  • with the massive appearance of ovaries.

Remove the leaves under the brush that has begun to pour. In regions with a short summer, they carry out climbing 1.5 months before the end of the garden season. Where it is warm, all the ovaries can have time to ripen – the variety is low.

Resistance to adverse factors

hospitable tomato variety resistant to diseases

The Hlebosolny tomato variety was bred specifically for problematic climates, has good immunity, tolerates:

  • fluctuations in temperature;
  • cold snap;
  • prolonged rains;
  • matures in cloudy weather.

The variety is resistant:

  • to fusarium;
  • cladosporium disease;
  • tobacco mosaic virus.

Fasciation is not a disease, but a developmental defect caused by unfavorable factors, characteristic not only of the Khlebosolny variety, but of all large-fruited (and not only) tomatoes.

Tomato variety Hlebosolny: advantages and disadvantages

advantages and disadvantages of tomatoes

According to gardeners, lovers of large-fruited tomatoes really like the variety. Among its merits:

  • resistance to adverse factors and diseases;
  • yield;
  • stable fruiting regardless of the weather;
  • excellent sweet taste;
  • large, fleshy tomatoes;
  • relatively low growth, as for a determinant variety;
  • can be grown without pinching;
  • good transportability and marketability of fruits;
  • this is a variety, not a hybrid, you can collect your own seeds;
  • when the ovaries are rationed, giant tomatoes will grow.

Disadvantages of Khlebosolny:

  • without a garter, the bush lies on the ground or breaks;
  • the lower racemes may have faceted flowers from which ugly fruits develop;
  • insufficient keeping quality of ripe tomatoes plucked.

There is a new variety Khlebosolny Pink with similar characteristics, only it grows up to 60 cm, and by 1 sq. m can accommodate 5 bushes.

Tomato Hlebosolny is one of the best varieties with large fruits, capable of producing crops in cloudy summers in cool climates. Suitable for open field, can be grown without pinching, but requires a garter.

Large-fruited tomato variety Bakery in the open field – video

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