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The main symbols of the New Year in different countries of the world

symbols of the new year The next year 2020 has its own symbols, which may differ for different peoples and cultures. In addition, it will be a leap year, which means it will be marked by bright events. The universal symbols of the New Year are a Christmas tree, tangerines, Santa Claus with a Snow Maiden and champagne.the main symbols of the New Year

Symbols of the New Year in different countries

Ded Moroz and SnegurochkaSymbols of the New Year in different countries of the world are mainly presented in the form of fairy-tale characters, such as Santa Claus, who is the main figure of the New Year for Russian-speaking peoples.

There are similar people in other parts of the world:

  1. French Per Noel. He walks with his assistant Shaland, dressed in a traveling cloak, punishes bad naughty children with a whip, gives good children.French Per Noel
  2. Karelian Pekkaine is a young man, unlike his Russian grandfather.Karelian Pekkaine
  3. American Santa Claus. Rumor has it that this well-known character was invented by the Coca Cola company..American Santa Claus
  4. German Weinachtsman has a beard and rides a donkey.German Weinachtsmann
  5. Czechoslovak Mikulas and Hedgehogs. The first of them looks like the Russian Father Frost, but instead of the granddaughter of the Snow Maiden, he is accompanied by a boy and an imp. Mikulas takes the gifts out of the back box.Czechoslovak Mikulas and Hedgehogs
  6. Italian Babbo Natape and Fairy Befana give out coals for bad children and gifts for well-mannered obedient children on the holiday.Italian Babbo Natape and Fairy Befana
  7. An English father gives Christmas gifts to the children, about which they have written on pieces of paper in advance and burned.English Father Christmas
  8. Finnish Joulupukki means “Christmas goat”.Finnish Joulupukki
  9. Buryat Sagan Ubugun. This good-natured old man with a white beard with a rosary around his neck, walks with his mother in winter or Tugeni AnakinBuryat Sagan Ubugun
  10. Udmurt Tol Babai and his granddaughter Lymy Nyl. These fabulous characters come from the village of Titovo, Sharkansky district.Udmurt Tol Babai and his granddaughter Lymy Nyl
  11. Tatar Kysh Babay is perceived by the Tatars more as a deity.Tatar Kysh Babay
  12. Japanese Segatsu San or god Hoteyosho is in charge of the New Year and has eyes on the back of his head.Japanese Segatsu San or god Hoteyosho
  13. Swedish Yul Tomtem looks like a gnome or brownie, delivers gifts with the help of a goat.Swedish Jul Tomtem

Christmas tree and other Christmas plants

decoration and symbols of the new year spruceNew Year’s or Christmas tree only in the nineteenth century became widespread in Russia, as an obligatory attribute of the New Year. Initially, back in modern times, this symbol originated in Germany. According to other sources, the symbol came to us from Egypt. Now it is ubiquitous on New Year’s Eve in apartments, houses, on the streets, generously decorating with toys, garlands, lanterns.

A New Year’s or Christmas tree was an object of worship and personified well-being, and the process of hanging homemade toys was supposed to attract good spirits..

Historians associate the symbol of the New Year in the form of a fir tree and its appearance with the reign of Peter the Great. He issued a decree in 1700, in which he ordered the inhabitants of the state to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year’s festivities..



Poinsettia is a tropical Mexican New Year flower with red petals, less known than the Christmas tree as an attribute of the winter holidays. In addition, the red, large, uniquely beautiful leaves of this eye-pleasing flower resemble Christmas stars. It also grows in the central part of America..

The connection with Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be traced through the beautiful plant legend. A poor girl, who in the sixteenth century had nothing to buy a gift for a relative for a holiday, came up with the idea of ​​replacing it with a poinsettia. The poor and unhappy girl from the mentioned story picked up this “beauty” along the road, since the climate allowed the plant to grow.

Other Christmas plants

Symbols of the New Year can be seen in dwellings and other premises, the owners of which are preparing to celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays..

These symbols include the following plants:

  1. Palm (as an alternative to the Christmas tree).alternative to the tree palm
  2. Holly is great for decorating a door or other vertical surface. This adds fiery red berries, symbolizing the longest night of the year. Popular in the UK.symbols of the new year holly
  3. Greek symbol of pomegranate. Its fruits decorate the dwelling, the largest fruit is traditionally smashed against the wall. Then they look: if the fruits are widely scattered around the house, yard or apartment, the family will be rich.greek symbol pomegranate
  4. Australian metrosideros, this red, bright, eye-catching plant.Australian metrosideros
  5. Brazilian schlumbergera.Brazilian schlumbergera
  6. Citrus kumquat is common in tropical countries.citrus kumquat
  7. American scenic mistletoe. If it is located above the head of a girl and a guy who accidentally stopped under it, they traditionally have to kissamerican mistletoe
  8. Coffee branches, this is a Central American Christmas decoration.coffee branches

Another symbol of the New Year 2020

mouse new year 2020 symbolsPlants symbols when celebrating New Year’s celebrations can differ in different countries, families, on different continents, in warm or cold climates. In addition to plants, every year according to the Eastern calendar is determined by the patronage of a certain animal..

In 2020 (since February), the symbol is a mouse (in some versions – a rat). It symbolizes good luck and wealth, as well as frugality in spending money..

Since the year will not be an ordinary mouse, but a metal one, observe a light theme in decorating a spruce, a house, an apartment and when buying New Year’s attributes. You can decorate yourself and your home with silver and metal toys. In extreme cases, at least things with a shiny gray surface. Glitter gift wrapping paper for surprises is best.

Dress smartly, brightly, but not too flashy. After all, a silvery metallic color does not mean a shine that overshadows the eyes, which is more to the liking of a magpie, a raven, and not a noble mouse..

As for horoscopic predictions, for the new year of the mouse, they promise everyone more profits than losses. This favorable prognosis is characteristic in one way or another for every person, no matter what sign of the zodiac he is..

The history of the Christmas tree as a symbol of the New Year – video

DIY New Year symbols – video

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