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7 ways how to deal with mosquitoes at their summer cottage

how to deal with mosquitoes at their summer cottage Unity with nature, tranquility and delightful relaxation in the gazebo of a country house is often disturbed by annoying insects. Therefore, the question of how to deal with mosquitoes at their summer cottage never loses its relevance. There are many ways to get rid of small monsters. Some are associated with high technology, others with the use of chemicals. Traditional methods forcing insects to leave the “restricted zone” are no less effective. Before learning how to deal with mosquitoes at their summer cottage, let’s get to know the merciless enemy.

Dangerous “game” of unwelcoming neighbors

annoying mosquito A blood-sucking insect (common mosquito) is found in almost all corners of the planet. Its dimensions are from 3 to 7 mm, so it is wonderfully camouflaged and does not fall into the field of view of a person. To maintain their existence, females drink the juices of various plants. But, when it comes to the development of future offspring, they feed on the blood of animals and humans..

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are often carriers of diseases such as encephalitis and meningitis. After a bite, bumps or allergic urticaria appear on the body.

It turns out that males only need plant food, and are not so dangerous for humans..

female lays eggsUsually, females lay eggs in any containers with warm water, where there is an abundance of organic components. They also do not bypass natural “reservoirs” with a lot of greenery. The offspring develops rather quickly. The whole process usually takes 2 to 8 days. It all depends on the temperature of the liquid in which the larvae are located. Only taking into account these facts, there is an opportunity to prepare for a reliable defense of their territory..

How to deal with mosquitoes at their summer cottage

annoying mosquitoThe word “fight” is directly related to the conduct of war. And indeed it is. Without special tactics, devices and chemical “weapons” it is impossible to defeat dangerous and annoying “vampires”. Consider 7 proven ways to completely get rid of the enemy.

“Liquidation” of reservoirs

cover artificial reservoirsSince females lay their eggs in these areas, the first thing to do is to get rid of them. Of course, the lake, pond and river are beyond the power of people.

However, on the territory of the summer cottage there may be various tanks with warm water.:

  • tanks for watering the garden;
  • artificial pools;
  • decorative fountains;
  • drinking bowls for pets and birds.

barrel of waterIn this case, the fight against mosquitoes at the summer cottage begins with an inspection of the territory. The discovered reservoirs are covered with lids or plastic wrap. The main thing is that there are not even the smallest gaps where the female mosquito can penetrate..

Given the fact that insects lay their eggs only in stagnant water, it must be changed regularly. And it is also effective against mosquito breeding..puddle after rain

Unfortunately, such moments can become the reason for the invasion of “vampires”:

  • puddles that do not dry out after rain;
  • woodland next to the dacha;
  • shady recreation area.

The problem is solved by applying drastic measures. If possible, cover puddles with earth. Dense thickets are regularly thinned out, and they try to keep the summer cottage clean.

In small swimming pools, it is advisable to regularly change the water so that mosquito eggs do not appear in it..

Diversionary maneuver

cultivation of special herbsPlants with a strong aroma are a safe means of controlling mosquitoes..

Insects do not tolerate:

  • sagebrush;
  • mint;
  • lavender;
  • tomatoes;
  • sage;
  • basil;
  • garlic.

Crops are planted in the dacha around the perimeter, as a remedy for mosquitoes, ready to “capture” the territory. For example, tomatoes are placed in the garden. Wormwood – at the edge of the garden. Lavender, basil, sage and mint blend harmoniously into the flower bed. The same grasses “decorate” the coastal zone of various artificial and even natural reservoirs.

To protect the living space, aromatic oils are used, which are freely sold in pharmacies. The liquid is applied to a clean napkin and hung at the door or open window.mosquito repellent essential oils

The most commonly used oils are:

  • cedar;
  • clove;
  • eucalyptus;
  • aniseed.

If the essential liquid is not available, make a wheatgrass tincture on your own. The herb (about 100 g) is poured with boiling water. Withstand 15 minutes, then filter. The liquid is wiped off the skin, or a piece of cloth is soaked, which is left at the exit from the living quarters or in the gazebo.

The use of aromatic oils is suitable if the smell does not cause allergies among the residents..

The power of “invisible” weapons

chemical mosquito repellentThe use of chemistry to kill mosquitoes on the territory of a summer cottage is considered the simplest and most affordable option. There are a huge number of tools that serve as reliable protection of a person from small monsters..

The most popular are:

  • lotions with different scents;
  • sprays;
  • pills;
  • plates;
  • aerosols;
  • spirals;
  • toxic liquids.

medilis ziperEach drug serves the main purpose of killing mosquitoes within 2 to 6 hours. However, the way they are used is different and, as a rule, is indicated on the packaging. In addition, there are pyrotechnic repellents. They are installed in the fresh air and set on fire. The result is smoke, which has a detrimental effect on “vampires”.

Often, summer residents use mosquito repellent chemistry to treat the site in order to get rid of pests for a long time.anti-mosquito treatment

Special substances are sprayed on places where insects can breed:

  • ditches with water:
  • storm drains;
  • basements;
  • fences;
  • shrubs;
  • trees.

The services that are designed to do this will work best. They work in protective suits, gloves and special headgear. This prevents chemicals from reaching the skin and respiratory tract. Although the drugs are not dangerous to humans, when self-treating the site from mosquitoes, it is necessary to adhere to the established safety rules. And also, the established doses and instructions indicated on the package.

Abundant spraying protects the summer cottage area from insects for about a month.

Powerful deterrent systems

ultrasonic devicesIn ancient times, it seemed that the invasion of biting insects could not be stopped with bare hands. But centuries later, interesting devices appeared. They reproduce ultrasounds that flying “vampires” cannot tolerate. Such mosquito repellent systems are placed on the site, so they bypass it..

mini appliancesIn addition to stationary devices, there are other options. They are attached to outerwear or keys. The ultrasound extends over approximately 50 m². The only drawback of the devices is the resistance of some mosquito species to such sound waves. With such devices it is convenient to cook barbecue outdoors or just relax in the gazebo.

Hunters and trophies

special tapesFighting mosquitoes at their summer cottage is somewhat reminiscent of hunters who set traps in the forest. Of course, mosquitoes are too small “game”, but there are traps for it too. The most popular option is sticky tape. It is attached to the ceiling in the bedroom, living room, on the veranda and in the gazebo. It exudes a specific aroma that attracts mosquitoes. But when they land on the surface, they stay there forever.

Lamps with a low voltage grate are provided for the dark time of the day. Insects tend to fly into bright light. But sitting on the device, they die from electric current.

special lampsSeveral of these lamps are installed over a wide area. Thus, it is enough for the “hunter” to prepare traps, and the “trophy” will not be long in coming..

So, we learned how to deal with mosquitoes at their summer cottage, in the most popular ways. Each of them has its own pros and cons. However, it does not leave insects any chance of success. May our rest and work in the country always bring true satisfaction and joy.

How to deal with mosquitoes at their summer cottage and how to carry out processing – video

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