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Treatment from ticks of a summer cottage

treatment from ticks of the summer cottage

Pest insects are very dangerous for human and domestic animal health, as they carry serious diseases. To prevent such an outcome, special treatment for ticks will help, which should be carried out at the right time. Often, gardeners do this on their own using acaricidal preparations or insecticides. The active ingredients in these chemicals are cypermethrin or fenthion. For this reason, you should not buy very expensive products, because there are cheaper analogues..

ticks in the country

Etching is carried out with potent substances, so you need to act strictly according to the instructions. Otherwise, the harm will not be caused to the pests, but to the inhabitants of the dacha..

Competent treatment of ticks or the spectrum of action of chemicals

mites on plants

Before proceeding with such a procedure, experts advise to make sure that there are insects in the garden. To do this, you need to take a white piece of cloth (up to 1 m) or a waffle towel and walk it over the surface of the grass, bushes. The event is held in the morning, but only after the dew subsides. If pests are found on the material, it means that the treatment of the summer cottage from ticks is inevitable.

Taran drug

The following are used as disinfectants:

  1. “Ram”. It is considered a universal drug, since mosquitoes, bedbugs, fleas, flies, cockroaches and ants die from it. The advantages of using it: no smell and no trace. Moreover, its constituent chemical compounds do not accumulate in soil and vegetation..
  2. “Akarocid”. The remedy is the strongest and most effective preparation for treating the garden against ticks (rats). It is combined, because it is produced on the basis of 2 strong chemicals: fenton (up to 40%) and cypermethrin (from 10%).
  3. “Medilis-CIPER”. Successful in the fight against synanthropic arthropods (cockroaches, fleas, ants and bedbugs), as well as rat and scabies mites. Suitable even for room disinfection.
  4. “Sipaz Super”. It is used to remove not only the insects themselves, but also their larvae. Such treatment for ticks is harmless, because after it there are no traces, odors or harm..

drug AcorocidMedilis drugdrug Sipaz Super

This “modest” collection can also include other drugs, such as “Jurax”, “Breeze”, “Acaritox” and “Force Size”. In addition, the veterinary agent “Baytex”, which belongs to the group of organophosphate acaricidal agents, has been allowed to be used for pickling gardens since 2000. Another effective drug is the Samarovka insecticide. After such an “essay”, the gardener should no longer have a question than to process the planting from ticks in order to get a 100% result.

veterinary medicine

Cypermethrin-based chemicals are less hazardous to humans, animals and plants. At the same time, organophosphates (with fenthion) are considered very toxic. Often they are used to process large areas, but they are the most destructive for parasites..

Rules for processing a site from ticks – tactics of great commanders

treatment of the garden from ticks

Planning and cold calculation. It was this tactic that helped the famous conquerors achieve the desired success. The same should be done by the gardener..

But first, you need to protect yourself and wear:

  • respirator;
  • robe;
  • gloves;
  • closed shoes;
  • headdress;
  • special glasses.

After the procedure, it is advisable to burn all this or wash it thoroughly. The treatment of the area against ticks is planned for dry, calm and warm weather. Among other things, it is carried out 40 days before the beginning of ripening of the first fruits or immediately after the snow melts. Do not underestimate the importance of cooperation with neighbors, because from their planting pests can “migrate” to a neighboring one. Therefore, preventive work is carried out collectively.

safety precautions when working with chemicals

In this case, you must adhere to the basic rules of etching:

  • scrupulously spray tall grass, shrubs and trees at a level of 1.5 m (pests simply do not rise above);
  • carefully process playgrounds, alleys, recreation areas and room thresholds;
  • disinfect poorly lit and damp building corners.

Very often insects settle in large piles of fallen leaves or grass. In this regard, such accumulations of garbage must be removed from the territory in time, for example, using them as mulch..

All wells and reservoirs that are near the garden are covered with protective materials. At the same time, it is important to take out children and animals from the dacha. They will be able to return home only after 3-4 days..

Correct proportions without double counting

drug consumption rate

Having chosen a suitable agent for spraying against ticks, the owners calculate the proportions, dosages.

They are individual for each drug, so you should carefully read the instructions. However, here are some guidelines:

  1. “Ram”. For the entire season, only one treatment is carried out. To spray a garden of 100 m², you need 1 liter of working solution. 3-7 ml of chemical is added to this amount of liquid..
  2. “Sipaz Super”. In most cases, up to 1 liter of emulsion is consumed per one hundred square meters, into which 5-12 ml of the drug is added.
  3. “Medilis-CIPER”. 4-7 ml of the product is diluted in 1 liter of water, taking into account the planting density. The concentrated solution is prepared at the rate of 12 ml / weave.
  4. “Force site”. The consumption of the poisonous emulsion is 2-5 liters per hectare of area. To prepare a concentrate, you need 20-45 ml of the drug to be dissolved in 1 liter of water.

instructions for use

Manufacturers often indicate that the period of validity of chemicals lasts only one month. However, this does not mean that the fight against ticks on the site should be planned every 4 weeks. Many experts recommend holding the event only 2 times a year: in spring (in the second half of April) or in autumn (at the end of the season).

“Plants-amulets” – natural defenders of the dacha from ticks

chamomile against ticks

Prevention is painstaking but reliable. It is better to prevent trouble than to deal with it later. To do this, in early spring, the backyard area is sprayed with insecticides or acaricidal agents. Even the larvae will die after such etching. In addition, millions of people practice planting tick-repelling plants in their dachas. And it is very effective..

mint mite

Around the perimeter of the garden, a planting is created from:

  • daisies;
  • mint;
  • lavender;
  • garlic;
  • calendula;
  • calamus;
  • wormwood;
  • tansy;
  • rosemary.

anti-mite garlic

Each of these crops exudes a scent that repels insect pests. In addition, this fragrance contains insecticides of natural origin. However, like all parasites, over time, arthropods develop immunity against any kind of insecticide. For this reason, this composition of natural protection, as well as chemicals, must be changed every 2-3 years. This technique will make killing ticks in the area most effective..

The planting of “amulets” is planted as thickly as possible. Thanks to this arrangement, the herbs emit a more concentrated aroma, and their thickets also prevent insects from entering the territory..

In parallel with these procedures, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of your estate. If you mow the grass in a timely manner, remove all garbage from the territory, and also prevent moisture in the corners, then the likelihood of such “uninvited guests” is reduced by 3 times.

calamus on site

Nevertheless, there are times when it is impossible to cope with such invasions. Then you have to use the services of professionals. For such a procedure, the gardener will have to pay several tens of thousands of rubles. However, thanks to the listed methods of treatment against ticks, you can forget about pests for a long time..

rubbish control

Self-control of ticks – video

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