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It is important for the hostess to know how many grams of sugar are in a glass.

how many grams are in a glass of sugar An old recipe from The Book of Delicious and Healthy Food, published in the middle of the last century, says: take 1/2 cup of sugar. How do you know how many grams are in a glass of sugar? There is a whole shelf of glassware in the kitchen cabinet, but what measure of volume did V.V. Pokhlebkin, when he wrote his book? A simple question that has facets and subtleties that can baffle even an experienced hostess.

How much sugar is in a glass

a glass of sugar Controversy arises from the fact that Soviet cookbooks mention thin (tea) and faceted glasses.

If you look at the weight table, how much sugar is in both glasses, you will find the following figures:

Tea Faceted
250 ml 200 ml
230 g 180 g

Conflicting information about how many grams of sugar are in a faceted glass. If you pour it to the top, with a rim, you get the same amount of sugar as in a thin tea. Why is this data shared? Here you need a historical background.

The history of the faceted glass

faceted glassThe classic faceted glass has a smooth top rim. Once upon a time, servicemen were given 200 grams of vodka, pouring exactly to the risks. The soldering was exchanged for tobacco or sugar, poured in exactly the same way to the border, where the edges ended and the edge began. This is how the tradition has developed to count the measure of a faceted glass as 200 ml..

It has been established how many grams of sugar are in a faceted glass: up to the rim – 180, to the brim – 230. Cookbooks say that the measure “glass” means 250 ml. Following the old recipes, you need to measure the sugar, pouring it to the brim.

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How much does any glass of sugar weigh?

scalesNot every kitchen has a faceted rarity of Soviet times. Modern crockery of various shapes and capacities. It is useful to measure your favorite convenient glass so as not to waste time weighing bulk products.

There are three ways:

  • measure with a graduated measuring cup (beaker);
  • fill the container and weigh it on a scale;
  • calculate how many tablespoons or teaspoons fit.

A tablespoon holds 25 grams of sugar, if poured in with a slide, a teaspoon – 10 grams. The capacity of the glass will be:

Number of spoons Glass 250 ml
canteens 9 pcs
tea 23 pcs

You can find out how much a glass of sugar weighs using a tablespoon or teaspoon. It is useful to take the time to measure in order to quickly add the right amount of product.

How to measure other bulk solids

how many grams are in a glass of sugarAccording to the recipe, you will need to add flour, cereals and other ingredients, which are also convenient to measure with a glass..

To help housewives, a table with the weight of the most common products:

Product Glass 250 ml
flour 160 g
powdered milk 120 g
rice 240 g
buckwheat 210 g
powdered sugar 180 g

Tips for hostesses

how to weigh sugar for a cake

Several subtleties to consider when measuring products:

  1. Sugar weight can vary depending on moisture content and crystal size. Fine-crystalline will turn out a little more, coarse less.
  2. The flour should be measured before sifting, as it becomes fluffy afterwards and fills the glass less densely..
  3. Loose products need to be poured in a thin stream, do not scoop up a glass directly from the bag, so that air cavities do not form inside.
  4. To get a glass filled to the brim, you need to pour it “with a slide” and smooth out the excess with the tip of a knife.

Now we know how many grams of sugar or other product are in a glass beaker. In any modern kitchen, you can bake a cupcake according to a recipe from an old cookbook, even if there are no scales and a faceted glass.

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