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Cucumber face mask at home – the benefits and results of application

cucumber face mask at home Cucumber is widely known as a healthy and tasty vegetable, and it can also be used as an effective cosmetic product. A cucumber face mask at home can restore youth and beauty. The product provides instant positive results. All recipes are simple and affordable, with regular use, they help to solve many cosmetic problems, improve the appearance and condition of the skin..

Benefits of cucumber for the skin

useful properties of cucumber Fresh cucumber is an effective natural ingredient for homemade masks. This vegetable contains many benefits for the skin. It cleans well and relieves inflammation, removes age spots, reduces puffiness, has a tightening and moisturizing effect..

Cucumber is 95% water, so it is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It fully moisturizes, eliminates flaking, restores normal hydrobalance.

The beneficial effect of cucumber on the skin of the face:

  1. Treatment. Thanks to retinol, cucumber is suitable for oily skin. It relieves inflammation and irritation, reduces breakouts.
  2. Regeneration. Biotin accelerates the processes of renewal and growth of skin cells, activates the natural production of collagen and elastin in its layers.
  3. Protection. Organic acids in the composition of cucumbers increase the protective functions and strengthen the skin’s immunity.
  4. Recovery. With regular and correct use, the structure of the skin is gradually restored, its firmness and elasticity increase..
  5. Rejuvenation. B vitamins contribute to the process of natural tissue rejuvenation, smooth wrinkles and tone, saturate cells with oxygen.
  6. Moisturizing. Due to potassium, cucumber juice helps regulate the production of skin secretions and retain moisture inside skin cells.

In home cosmetology, cucumbers are often used to brighten the skin of the face. Cucumber masks are widely used to get rid of freckles, age spots, even out and improve skin color..

What type of skin are cucumber masks suitable for?

universal skin care productHomemade cucumber face pack is considered a versatile remedy that works for different skin types. High efficiency and many useful properties are explained by the absolute naturalness and valuable chemical composition of the cucumber.

Cucumber masks, applied regularly in the morning, can easily help cope with redness and puffiness..

How to use cucumbers correctly for different skin types:

  1. For oily skin, the pulp or juice of a cucumber is mixed with egg white, lemon juice, and herbs. This combination allows you to achieve a drying and anti-inflammatory effect of the mask..
  2. With dryness and a feeling of tightness of the face, it is good to combine the cucumber with fatty foods – sour cream, cream, vegetable oils. Olive, linseed, corn, almond, coconut, sea buckthorn and other cosmetic oils have the greatest benefits for the skin..
  3. For the treatment of rashes with combination skin, cucumber is ideally combined with aloe, cosmetic clay, valuable essential oils. However, such funds are used according to indications and in a strictly dosed order..
  4. When the first signs of aging appear in order to rejuvenate, masks from cucumber and cottage cheese, with the addition of fresh or frozen berries and fruits saturated with organic acids, show the greatest efficiency.

Cucumber gruel and oatmeal are easily made into an effective cleansing scrub. This home remedy has a natural composition and acts delicately, therefore it is absolutely safe for the skin of the face..

Homemade cucumber face mask – 4 recipes

cucumber face mask at homeCucumber does not cause allergic reactions and is safe with frequent use. For the preparation of masks, it can be combined with a wide variety of ingredients suitable for different skin types..

Brightening mask

brightening cucumber face mask at homeFor a quick lightening of the skin and the return of a healthy color, a cucumber and lemon face mask is suitable. It is enough just to combine a tablespoon of lemon juice and mashed cucumber pulp. To enhance the brightening effect, it is recommended to add 2-3 drops of thyme oil to the mixture. The product is applied to the face for 10-15 minutes. Then it is washed off, the skin is moisturized with a cream.

The frequency of application of the lemon-cucumber mask is 1-2 times a week..

Nourishing mask

cucumber and honey for a maskCucumber and honey have beneficial properties for the face.

This product is endowed with a complex beneficial effect for the skin:

  • cleans;
  • nourishes;
  • moisturizes;
  • brightens;
  • rejuvenates.

The honey-cucumber mask is especially useful for aging and aging skin..

It is very easy to make it. To do this, combine 1 teaspoon of liquid honey and gruel from the pulp of a cucumber. The composition is applied to the face with a thin layer, it is necessary to wash after 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated after 2-3 days..

Moisturizing mask

moisturizing face maskDry and sensitive skin, prone to redness, flaking, premature aging, requires intense hydration. A moisturizing cucumber face mask will help to cope with problems and improve skin condition. In this case, the vegetable can be used as the only component of the mask or in combination with sour cream, cottage cheese or cream, of your choice. The ingredients are combined in equal parts, mixed thoroughly and applied to the face for 15-20 minutes. After which the product is washed off, the skin is moisturized with a cream.

The recommended frequency of the procedure is 2 or 3 times a week..

Cucumber acne mask

acne maskCucumber face masks at home help with problem skin, rashes, increased production of skin secretions. To prepare the product, you will need one whipped protein and a tablespoon of cucumber gruel without excess liquid. It is helpful to add 2 drops of tea tree oil to enhance antiseptic properties. Everything is mixed until smooth, the mass is distributed over the skin. The product is kept on the face for 15 minutes, then washed off with cool water. The cream is applied only half an hour after the procedure. The mask is repeated every 2-3 days.

Restrictions on use and recommendations

making a cucumber maskCucumber has no contraindications for use. This product has a mild yet effective action. Cucumber masks are allowed to be applied even to the area around the eyes. However, care should be taken when using other components of home masks, especially with increased sensitivity of the facial skin..

If you need to quickly remove traces of fatigue and achieve a lift, you can simply cut the cucumber into circles and apply it on your face for 10 minutes..

How to make a cucumber mask – helpful tips:

  1. Only fresh young vegetables are used, green in color and without bitterness.
  2. Juicy pulp is used for the preparation of the mask, the peel and seeds are cut.
  3. The fastest way to use is gruel or cucumber slices on the face.
  4. Cucumber masks must be freshly prepared and not stored.
  5. Before direct application of the product, the skin is cleaned with a scrub
  6. The composition is applied without rubbing into the skin, but kept – no longer than 10-15 minutes.
  7. At the end of the procedure, the product is washed off with water, then the cream is used.
  8. If you experience discomfort, the product should be discarded.

Facial beauty is not always the result of expensive products and procedures. An ordinary cucumber from the garden can be the real secret of attractiveness for years to come. The main thing is to be able to correctly and wisely use a natural product for the preparation of cosmetics at home..

Effective cucumber face masks – video

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