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What attracts farmers’ attention with the Tason grape variety

grape variety Tason The Tason grape variety is one of the most popular table varieties, early maturing varieties, characterized by high yields and resistance to weather conditions and diseases. Its fruits have a pleasant nutmeg taste and rich aroma, thanks to which they are consumed fresh, used for making wine and juice. Tason grapes are successfully grown in almost all regions of Russia, and the ease and simplicity of care provided him with well-deserved popularity among farmers..

Tason grape variety – general description and characteristics

hybrid grape variety Tason Tason is a hybrid variety. It is obtained from two species – Zoreva and Italy. The first provided a record early maturity, and the second – the rich nutmeg flavor of the hybrid. Initially, the variety was grown on the territory of Crimea, but very quickly gained popularity throughout Russia..

Description of the Tason grape variety:

  1. The vines are vigorous, grow rapidly and fill large areas with vines..
  2. The vine ripens along its entire length. Powerful shoots and root system.
  3. The leaves are five-lobed, dark green, large.
  4. Bisexual flowers capable of self-pollination.
  5. Tason grapes perfectly tolerate frosts down to -23 ° С.

ripening of grapesThe grape clusters are large, cylindrical in shape with a conical end. They consist of a large number of berries – the weight of one bunch reaches 1-1.3 kg. The taste of berries is sweet, with pronounced nutmeg notes.

The peels of ripe berries are white-pink in color, the grapes themselves are oval and about the same size. Early maturity is characteristic of Tason grapes – the first harvest can be harvested in July.

Grape planting technology

Tason grape growingPlanting and caring for Tason grapes is not difficult, but in order to obtain a plentiful, rich harvest, it is necessary to follow the cultivation techniques exactly. The key to success will be the correct choice of seedlings and planting sites, regular care of the grapes, taking into account the characteristics of the variety.

Selection and preparation of seedlings

choosing a good seedlingIt is best to choose grape seedlings from specialized seedlings and not buy from hands. When choosing, carefully examine the seedling – it should have a well-developed, strong root system without signs of dryness and damage. During transportation, wrap the spines with plastic wrap to protect them from moisture loss..rooted cuttings

Optimal timing and choice of location

autumn planting of grape seedlingsPlanting Tason grapes is best done in the last weeks of March or the first decade of April. Such terms are great for the roots to take root well and the grapes to withstand the frost..the result of the autumn planting of grapes

For Tason grapes, well and evenly lit areas are suitable, since the crop should receive the maximum amount of sunlight. sunny comfortable place for grapesSaplings are best planted from the southeast or south side of buildings. Make sure trees and other shrubs do not obscure the vine.

The soil

nutrient soil for grapesThe Tason grape variety “prefers” light and nutritious soils that are excellent for air and moisture permeability. In areas with heavy soil, an increase in its permeability is required. For this, coarse sand, small stones or broken bricks are used..

Step-by-step landing

planting grapesThe site for planting Tason grape seedlings is being prepared in the fall – carefully dig up the soil and form holes up to 80-100 cm wide and about 70-80 cm deep.Pour compost, mineral fertilizers and rotted manure at the bottom of each hole.

Planting grapes step by step:

  • pour 1/3 of fertile soil into the hole;
  • place a grape seedling in the center of the hole;
  • sprinkle the seedling with the remaining soil;
  • pour 2-3 buckets of water;
  • lightly tamp the trunk circle and mulch.

planting a seedlingWhen planting, make sure that the distance between the bushes remains at least 90-110 cm, between the rows – up to 2.5-3 m.

Agricultural technology of cultivation

cultivation technology grape variety TasonAgrotechnology for growing Tason grapes consists of standard procedures – regular watering, pruning and shaping of bushes, as well as feeding. Do not forget about disease prevention and timely pest control – this will ensure a generous harvest of Muscat grapes.grape field

Watering the grapes

drip irrigationThe Tason grape needs regular and abundant watering, for which warm, settled water is used. Bushes need to be watered early in the morning or late in the evening.. underground wateringAvoid liquid stagnation – it is no less negative for the health of grapes than moisture deficiency.

Top dressing

feedingTo feed Tason grapes, it is best to combine organic fertilizers with complex fertilizers. Among organic matter, it is better to give preference to chicken manure, compost, rotted manure.

Complex fertilizers are selected depending on their composition and characteristics of the effect on grapes:

  • nitrogen – accelerates the growth of green mass, is introduced in the spring (saltpeter or urea);
  • potassium chloride – used for autumn dressing, accelerates the ripening of grape bunches and prepares the plant for winter;
  • phosphorus – introduced during the flowering period (superphosphate), stimulates the ripening of berries;
  • zinc – increases productivity indicators;
  • copper – stimulates the growth of the bush.

To feed Tason grapes, you can use both mono and multicomponent fertilizers. Popular and effective dressings include Kemira, Aquarin, Florovit.


Tason grape pruningPruning is an essential part of caring for Tason grapes. It helps to improve the taste characteristics of berries and increase yields. This species belongs to the sun-loving, so when pruning, make sure that each shoot is evenly lit. One bush should contain 35-40 eyes, up to 7-8 on one shoot.pruning grapes at 1 and 2 yearspruning grapes for 3 and 4 years

Preparing for winter

preparing grapes for winterIn regions with a cold climate, grapes must be covered for the winter. To do this, you can use a protection built from scrap materials – old linoleum, roofing material, slate, wood. Such a shield should be in the shape of a triangle with a sharp top..covered grapes

The Tason grape variety is distinguished by a record early maturity and high frost resistance, due to which it attracts close attention not only of summer residents, but also of large farms. Ripe fruits with a rich sweet taste and nutmeg notes are used fresh and used to make elite wines.

Table grape variety Tason – video

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