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Gentle unpretentious “vodokhleb” salt solution, home care

How large does saltium grow, does it differ in winter home care? A friend gave me a young bush, even more likely, just a lump of substrate with many thin shoots. She said that this was the share left after the transplant. What should I do with it now, in which pot should I plant? The plant is cute, but how will it look in adulthood and what are the winter conditions of keeping?

solirolia home care In nature, this plant covers the rocks with a beautiful carpet, preferring their shady side, where it is more humid. Due to its thermophilic character, it also feels comfortable indoors, decorating it. This is a gentle salt solution, home care for which has only two nuances. It is enough to provide the plant with moisture and prevent it from freezing. And then lush green pads will appear on your windows – this is how a bush planted in pots is formed.

The second name of the salt is gelksin. It belongs to the nettle family and is a herbaceous ground cover perennial. Thin creeping shoots are strongly branched and covered with many small and almost round leaves. The root system of the plant is superficial, consists of thin roots, so it is so important to water it in a timely manner. Even just one overdrying will lead to the death of the bush..

Plant temperature and lighting requirements

lighting for solirolia Soleirolia is one of those unique crops that can grow under artificial light. She loves sunlight if it is not direct rays, but it should be soft, diffused. In summer, the flower can be placed on the north window, but in winter it will be dark there. And due to a lack of lighting, the bush will lose its density, and without that thin stems will begin to stretch.

Helksin loves warmth, but only its moderate values. The heat greatly dries the soil and leads to a rapid loss of moisture, without which the bush will not survive. In summer, it is advisable not to allow the heat to rise above 25 ° C. Saline can hibernate both in warmth and coolness. She has no rest period as such. She does not need a special lowering of the temperature of the content, but if this happens, she will survive. Provided that the room is not lower than + 8 ° С.

But what is vital for a plant is moist air. The warmer it is in the house, the more often you need to spray the bush. Conversely, with a cool winter, it is better not to do such a procedure so that the plant does not get sick..

Soleirolia – home care

how to care for salineIn order for the green heads of the bushes to continue to grow and riot, they must:

  • water and spray frequently (except for cool winter maintenance);
  • feed twice a month with a mineral complex for ornamental-deciduous plants (you don’t need to fertilize in winter).

Transplant the plant in the spring, if necessary. But in light nutrient soil, it can grow for a couple of years without transplanting. It is better to update the plant from time to time, dividing it into several new ones and planting them in wide bowls..

Proper care and features of growing saltérolia at home

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